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Anyone out to see Episode 3 at midnight?


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I wish I could but I'm stuck home studying for a test next week. I'm planning on watching it after, when my mind isn't trying to memorize stuff.


I watched the Batman Begins 10minute trailer just now, and wow it seems like it'll be a lot of fun. The new Batman costume looks badass. Thank God there are no nipples.


It seems like the first part of the movie will concentrate on the training Bruce Wayne received. I'm always been more interested in how Batman trained to make himself a deadly fighter, sneak, escape artist, forensics expert, etc. I think he is in Japan in the movie preview since there are ninjas and he trains with a katana.


Maybe its Hokkaido the northern most island. I read that it gets cold up there and there are indigenous tribes still living there in seclusion.


Just some random rambling.

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Yes. I bought my tix in advance. Unfortunately when I drove by this morning people were still camped out in chairs and whatnot. I guess I'll just showup at the proverbial last minute, bribe some front line fan boy $100 for his spot, and be on my merry way. ^_^

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Yeah, went to a downtown Toronto midnight showing. It was MUCH less an event than I expected. Sure, there were a few people dressed up, but not too many. And when I and my friends seated ourselves 1.5 hours before start, the theatre was still mostly empty. Contrast that with the LOTR FOTR/TTT/ROTK marathon showing at the same theatre, where two hours before showtime for FOTR, the theatre was almost completely packed. I'm sure it sold massively everywhere, but I was expecting a bit more response, locally.


But I'm not really a Star Wars fanboy. I was just doing my duty as a nerd by attending.

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I went to a downtown Montreal midnight showing. They made it a show. Some amateur theatrical resonstitution of the big fights. They started at 11:50 and at midnight people began shouting for the movie (they were at giving prices to the fastest answer to stupid questions). It was pretty pathetic.


Movie was great though



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Incidentally, best worst line:


Vader: "Nooooo!!!"


Pure hilarity.


People were giggling all around me in the theatre.


Indeed, it was awfully cheesy. Mind you it was only cheesy because it was Vader, and not Anakin. That kind of over the top despair just doesn't work in the most badass costume in history.

Hawk! Eggplant! AWAKEN!

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Went to one last night a quarter past midnight...


It was sold out. I got the ticket through a gym they had booked 2 out of the 4 auditoriums, they had showdancers before the show. Really great...


It cost about 12$ incl. popcorn and a coke. Usually a ticket for a first night cost about 20$...


Anyways, if you haven't seen it... it's diffently worth it...

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