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Were you satisfied with KOTOR 2?

Were you satisfied with KOTOR 2?  

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  1. 1. Were you satisfied with KOTOR 2?

    • Yes (XBox)
    • No (XBox)
    • Yes (PC)
    • No (PC)

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For a number of reasons (which I'm not getting into right now), in the end the game experience did not satisfy me. Not that it is a 'crap' game or kinda, but I perceived an overall 'unfinished' or 'unpolished' feeling.

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I voted yes, because it was less inacurate then voting no. so to make it more accurate....


1) The game was what I expected.


2) I enjoyed playing it


3) My first time through , I got to the end was was like... what? Thats it?


Then I came here and found out about the missing content. At first I felt cheated.

Thinking about it , I realized they were under a bit of pressure. Kotor is a great game, so Kotor 2 was exected to be at least as good. I believe it was, it just really needs the missing content to be better.


I am looking foward to the Mod(s) several nice people are working on to restore the missing content. I`ve been inside the droid factory and explored the droid planet. I had a blast ( literally ). I anxiously await the "release" of the patch(es) so I can start another game and begin exploring again. Find the content, then beat it every which way I can.


Its a shame that so much work was done and it got chopped out due to time constraints. It seemed mostly done to me. There are things that were left undone. ( I dont want to say too much and spoil it for the 4 people who haven't already D/L the XBox Module and warpped out to the areas)


I hope that if Obsidian has any more pieces ( cutscenes, dialog scripts etc) than what people gleaned off the Xbox, they would send them to the mod community thats trying to finish the game.


It would be a good gesture on their behalf. It would help the modders out with some of the missing pieces. It would get the missing content out faster to hyper people like me who tend to take the answer to a yes or no question and turn it into a novel.


Most importantly it will fix K2. Obsidian worked hard on the game, but ran out of time. Lucasarts wanted it out for Christmas on XBox. Now since not even George Lucas, or Bill Gates have pull enough to push off Christmas until the game was totally finished, Obsidian had to water it down a notch and get it out the door.


Its buisness. Its better to be on time with something that is good than be late with something better. On time and good, then the "customer " In this case Lucasarts, is happy. If your late, even if its better, your late. Besides, how do they know its better? They only know that its late.


This works for most everything , not just this paticular game. I used to manage a restaraunt. If something we made didn't turn out quite right, for example ...


A customer orders a steak medium rare, and the one we make is more on medium well side. I have to decide wether to serve it or make another and make the customer wait longer. Guess which happens most of the time? Unless its obviously burnt, it gets served. The food is prompt and good. Customer is satisfied.


Make that same customer wait another 20+ minutes, even if the steak is great, he'll leave thinking the food was good, but the place is slow. "Food is good but the service is slow as mollasses", often leads to

"This other place, the food isnt quite as good, but they are fast, and Im hungry now. We'll go there tonight. "


Obsidian delevered a good game. On time. LA should be satisfied. They may even work together again in the future.


Though if it were my call, I wish we could have waited the extra time and got the great steak. So Im thinking that


4) I'm not totally satisfied. At least not yet. :(

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Not only the game satisfied me...there has not been any other game that satisified me as much.

even though there are some glitches.it's not enough to prevent that game from being my favourite one.both kotor games are awesome but I do prefer the second one.I just think the story is great.

there's a lot of criticism regarding the darker tone but to me it's just make the story even better.


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Yeah...kinda...tho I want naked humanoid females in the next :wacko:


Some sad individual living in their parent's basement must have re-textured a skin by now, i did see a thinner female and better underwear mod at pcmods for kotor ii.



The story is not what I expected,


I expected to be the last of the jedi fighting for control, retake the Courasent temple (hell ya) and kill 3 sith lords like we were promised.


not all of this un-starwarsy death to the force arc.


Also every party member had NO converstation lines compared to the first game.


Hell Carth probably has 200x the lines of Bao-Dor and 20 times the lines of Atton.


His voice may be annoying but I like having character to character converstations.

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I was more disappointed in the overall experience than satisfied. So I voted no. I do like the game, but even with the potentially restored content I find it only to be a good game not a great game.


Fact is the game hasn't even motivated me to play it more than once, at first I was waiting for the patch which now I hear brings more bugs than fixes and now I'm waiting for the restored TC to play my second game and any others.


The game was what I expected mostly, I was severely disappointed in some storyline decisions which I feel are cop-outs and done to force the game to go in a specific direction (Kreia and the Dantooine Council).


For being the most high value target hunted by the Sith, they barely showed up ingame or made me feel threatened.


As characters the villains were superb, still the way they wrre used (Or underused in case of Nihilus) just sucked and the encounters with them were about as anti-climactic as playing Pong.


The ending was the worst I've seen in any game I played, they might as well have put just a screen saying congratulations like the arcade games of old.


Loved the darker tone of the game but in the end the overall story was less interesting to me than the original's, particularly the "twists".


The areas of the game wrere so devoid of details; plants, fountains, statues, deskes, beds, paintings, anything that indicated this is a real world with a rich history and a place were actual people live (Especially Trayus Academy with its 700 empty rooms) that it disconnected me from the game on continuous occasions.


G0-T0, I need not say more on this.


Hate any story that depends on another in order to finish; so the choice of a cliffhanger really hurt my liking of this game. Especially concerning the dilema of how the story could pick up in K3 with the PC sop powerful etc.


Overall the game was enterntaining but only just, and the last 30% of the game (Starting in the return to the Dantooine Council) was tedious, uninspiring to play, uneventful, rushed and disappointing. This really affected my overall appreciation of the game, much potential and good effort but for many reasons I don't think it lived up to the precedent set by the original.


My two cents.

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My main beef with the game (in addition to the content) is the whole subject of wounds in the Force and the death of the Force. I still haven't completely gotten my head around it.


As well, there are some storytelling-issues... I mean, we are never really told that Kreia hates the Force, and then suddenly it's an option for you character to use in dialogue. If i remember correctly.


But hell, the story's good enough.

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Results so far (Computer and XBox added together)

Yes -- 56.6% 69 Votes

No -- 43.4% 53 Votes





I don't think that's all that great considering this is a forum for big fans of the game.

It's a sequel though.You can't please everyone as some people want more of the same and some people want something different.

plus expectations were really high as kotor was such a success.

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Results so far (Computer and XBox added together)

Yes -- 56.6% 69 Votes

No -- 43.4% 53 Votes


I don't think that's all that great considering this is a forum for big fans of the game.

It's not fantastic, but remember that some who voted 'no' still liked the game in many ways. And fans are sometimes the most critical of all, more so than gamers who play the game once through then move on to something else.

"An electric puddle is not what I need right now." (Nina Kalenkov)

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Results so far (Computer and XBox added together)

Yes -- 56.6% 69 Votes

No -- 43.4% 53 Votes





I don't think that's all that great considering this is a forum for big fans of the game.


Actually, it's also a forum where people who hated the game or are pissed off tend to post as well, so I don't think you should immediately use the percentage of proof that it's slanted towards fanboyism.

"Console exclusive is such a harsh word." - Darque

"Console exclusive is two words Darque." - Nartwak (in response to Darque's observation)

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Heck, I voted satisifed and I'm one of the biggest whiners supposedly. :D




How can you find the time to whine when you're Rolling 0n the floor laughing all the time? :shifty:


<-- Was satisfied after playing the Xbox version. Was Infuriated after playing half of the PC version and reading Aurora's "Cut Ending Stuff"-thread.

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"I dream things that never were and say why not?"
- George Bernard Shaw

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- Friedrich Nietzsche


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- Some guy 

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Was I satisified? Yeah, I guess so. Ending sucked but hey -- if you extract the cut content crap, the lack of romance subplot, and the mangled ending, it's a great game.


I never issues with it running and so forth except the occasional crash with loading screens but that happened all the time with KotOR I. Better than the first? Of course not. KotOR I has won an official spot on my "Priceless Games I am Emotionally Attached To"...I will never part with it -- except I let my friend borrow it so I converted her into a KotOR Addict... ;)



KotOR II: After the Credits Rolled: Read

Force Sight: Read


Gaming Blog: Read

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Tricky question.....


I did enjoyed the game but satisfied?


Well compared to other games I was satisfied, but my expectations weren't matched.

And by the light of the moon

He prays for their beauty not doom

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I expected something really better from KOTOR1





The Reasons


1) The BUGS are awefull (worse from the bugs of Kotor1)!!!


2) Story feels incomplete especially in the end just to rush the game into the market


3) Graphic (textures) was better in KOTOR1


4) Party members in Kotor2 are not so interesting as was example with Bastilla etc with KOTOR1


5) Romance in KOTOR2 totally SUCKS

It's almost lacking and is very poor mentioned


6) Kreia ruins the freedom of the game forcing the gamer to a linear path....

She is telliing the character what to do all the time and if the character do otherwise he gets panished with low score influence penalty



BIOWARE RULEZZZ, they are true professionals with Action RPG games :cool:

OBSIDIAN BAD and a bunch of amateurs <_<



By the way i am still waiting their High quality Movies and High quality Sound patch :rolleyes:


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