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Power Blast Vs Rapid shot, Poweratk vs flurry

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Hey I am starting a roleplaying char... which is a mandalorian jedi (don't ask) and I am wondering if...



Power attack is more effective than flurry without using force speed (because I am using heavy armor) and if Powerblaster if better than rapid shot... for one weapon..


and than for dual weapons (ie two swords, two blasters)

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I always go with flurry but it depends on your build and playing style :- ...both can be equaly devastating ;)


Flurry is just one extra attack, which isn't really good... as flurry is only good with master speed in my opinion.


Power Attack adds 15 damage to both blades and knocks down on critical, while flurry would give you two extra attacks (with dual blades)..


Unless I find a super rare sword or blaster, I don't think flurry would be better

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There is a lot to be said for extra attacks ... assuming you have a high enough BAB to hit more often than not, then Master Flurry is very handy. I too would council the simultaneous use of Jedi Speed powers, as well. Don't forget Juno fighting style, if you can get it, too.


Critical is cool because it has one of the best animations, and it does some hefty damage and can stun opponents.


I usuallly end up with one of each for different characters. :D




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No, Flurry is better without Master Speed. If you have 2 attacks (from 2 weapons) and use Flurry for a third, you are dealing 50% more damage than you would do without Flurry.


When you have four attacks (from 2 weapons and Master Speed), Flurry's fifth attack only causes you to deal 25% more damage than you would do without Flurry.


By contrast, Critical Strike and Power Attack both scale in power with the number of attacks since they affect each of your attacks separately. Those are better if you already have four attacks from dual-wield and Master Speed.


I would always get Flurry on a character without more than two attacks, but think carefully before getting it on a Master Speed dual-wielder.

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I'm 2/3 through the game for the first time, and by the time you reach about level 20, it doesn't much matter which attack you use because you'll mow down most enemies in a round or two. That said, without the mathematical proof, my sense is that flurry is better than power attack from about levels 1-12 and power attack seems better at higher levels. I rarely use a single blaster for ranged weapons but rapid shot seems better than power shot at all but the first few levels.

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Well I generaly max out rappid shot on Atton and Mira giving them duel blasters. in the first four "rounds" I tell them to rappid shot and it's just a spam fest of blaster shots. From there they usually, since I'm good at converting them, have lightsabers to back themselves up in melle. personaly I love "fireing for effect" with rapid shot.


AS for power attack and flurry I perfer flurry. when you have a dex based fenese jedi gaurdian/watchman you can pretty much kill anything outright with that sneak attack and subsiquent blows. Power attack require a "recovery" before you start attacking again. Flurry sends in multiple blows at once.


Those are just my opinions since I'm primaraly a dex based char with a 10 or 11 strength.

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