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Toughest Character...

Who is the toughest character?  

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  1. 1. Who is the toughest character?

    • Mandalore
    • Mira
    • Atton
    • GO-TO
    • HK-47
    • Visas
    • Bao-Dur
    • T3
    • Handmaiden
    • Hanharr

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Well, with a starting STR & CON of 20, I'd assume that Hanharr would be the toughest, but after you skin him and strip the meat, enough tenderizing with a mallet would probably make the Wookie Steaks a bit more palatable.


That is what you meant by "toughest," right?



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I found that in my first playthrough Mira was one of my favourite 'henchmen' to have along with me because she was pretty tough with a lightsaber, and in my second Hanharr was pretty handy... but... I'll vote T3, because I want that free cookie! :blink:


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I think that physically and mentally either the exile or mira would be the toughest overall with everything that they endured, but handmaiden and Mandalore are also very physically tough. Mandalore was stronger in his youth compared to what he was in K2 but that goes for any older char. Handmaiden was probably the best melee combat person in your party and the strongest physically.(unless your exile was a jedi guardian with like 25 strength like i was :thumbsup: )


Visas endured torture and was the sole survivor of her entire planet being destroyed....thats gotta be hard. She was too submissive to my female exile to ever make her my fav char but she still endured alot of mental and physical abuse and was still strong in the end. She would have been the strongest IMO if she wasnt so submissive with her "my life for yours" lines.


Atton was tough, but no where near Handmaiden, Mandalore or Mira. Bao Dur was a tech guy, not tough enough. Hanharr (if you go lighstide) thinks hes all tough because hes a wookie but mira beats him twice in a duel. Its no easy task for a human to take out a wookie soo overall my vote goes to Mira! She was also one of the best bounty hunters on Nar Shaddaa, she had the strength and honor to save Hanharr even after he tried to kill her in the jek jek tarr mines, and she can even save him again on malachor. Also, she didnt just survive the mandolorian wars or being a bounty hunter on Nar Shaddaa, she thrived in what she did. Can you tell? I love mira lol.

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