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the cheat node does not exist i keep on doing what the directions say but ive never come across such a thing. if uve ever come across this cheat node help me out here.


The cheat console works.


You just can't see it. Obsidian decided to hide it.


After you hit ~ just type in whatever you want (carefully) then hit enter.


It'll work.

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The cheat node is somewhat easy to access..but it doesnt do anything good.


After the fight between mira and hanharr(whoever you are) go to the first room on the left once out of the pit. Inside is three ubese and 2 lockers...the moment you kill the last of the three ubese run towards the wall near the bunk and press A very quickly. Typically you'll see something along the lines of 'ubese' or something like that in blue like any other npc you dont kill. The options dont really do anything that I've noticed...

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