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What color is Visas Marr's hair?  

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  1. 1. What color is Visas Marr's hair?

    • 1] Silvery-white, she's obviously got the same head as the handmaiden
    • 2] Blond, sounds like one doesn't she?
    • 3] Black, it's obviously her personality
    • 4]Brown, she's got that whole Bastila thing down
    • 5] Bald, after all, she's got no eyes so why should she have hair
    • 6] Still too busy charging up her loading ramp...
    • 7] Gray, she's obviously an old hag
    • 8] Er... WTF is this a poll?!

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Statement: i do believe that she is bald.


Concurence: I agree. She is blind because of chemo. Statement: Futhermore, wasn't there a thread like this earlier? Insane musing: Perhaps it was my imagination. Oh well, I shall go play with the giant pink bunny in the fields.

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