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Your view on Politics

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Hmm, I strongly dissagree...

Did they pull a trigger, any trigger? did they deserve to DIE? no, maybe put to jail, but not to DIE. your thinking like a radical, and its dangerous. There is justice then there is murder.  You would do well in our military if you think that way about other people.



I just don't think that any one group deserves more justice then another, but you're right, that is a radical view.


A man with an open mind, i like that :lol:

Always outnumbered, never out gunned!

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A person who has an open mind is socially tolerable to me. A person who has too open mind has his or her brains fall out.


In my opinion it doesn't matter if the person is in uniform or not. If he or she picks up a gun and kills someone in cold blood, its murder. Doesn't matter if it is an American, Israeli, Palestinian, Syrian, Russian, or other wise. Doesn't matter to me if the person is military or civilian. A person he actively hunts down another person to kill them also fall in this regard. A murder is a murder.


Only time when killing someone is justified is when you are protecting yourself from an aggressor. Bottomline, Iraq was no threat to the US. That is what I think of US soldiers and my president.


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Its entirely wrong that more then 2000 american civilians died in the WTC, but you have to know that when you take a job with one of those companies that you are effectively a cog in the machine that oppresses individuals and that one day those people are going to revolt.

You have to bring in the bread somehow. If that means working for a home insurance company in the WTC, so be it. I'm not proud, I'd do it; my mom worked at the WTC for awhile. The immigrants and the lower/middle class who worked there did not in any way deserve what happened. They had more in common with the common man in the middle east than the American rich.

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A person who has an open mind is socially tolerable to me.  A person who has too open mind has his or her brains fall out.

Uh... ok... I think. :)

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A person who has an open mind is socially tolerable to me.  A person who has too open mind has his or her brains fall out.


It is as if you imply that a person's brain is inside their "mind", and you are incorrect. The oposite is true. Your "mind" for all intents and purposes, is inside your brain...

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Five guys in the same outfit, a uniform of sorts you might say, carrying the same make of gun. Seems to fall under the Geneva Convention to me.

A bunch of Arabic looking men with guns. Not in uniform or clearly marked, and no indication of what side they're on. Pro-US, not terrorists? Anti-US, terrorists?

A man clearly in uniform, though with his face covered. Wearing an indentifying headband. Geneva Convention!

More covered heads, but all wearing the same clothing... a uniform of sorts. Two of whom are wearing headbands that... that... indentify? Geneva Convention.



They are not the military of the Palestians. They are terrorists.

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It would be in everybodies best intrest if we stopped talking to B5C.


He's already made his mind in politcs and god talks ot him(not the other way around)! He's a radical conservative christian, which means Jesus couldn't change his mind. so lets get on with this and be constructive among ourselves  :D





I maybe Christian, but in a fundelmetalist sort a way.


Im a Neo Conservative.




You all need to read that book. If you all want to know the truth about Neo-Conservatism.


We are Wilsonians with steriods and we follow these points.


* Advocacy of self-determination by ethnic groups

* Advocacy of the spread of democracy

* Anti-isolationism, in favor of intervention to help create peace and / or spread freedom


By placing a democratic state in Iraq is helping the world. By providing another peacefull democratic state in the middle east will stableize the region and plus start re-start the flames of freedom in the middle east?


Do you think the Ceder Revolution in lebanon would have catched on without the democratic state in Iraq? We now have women asking for the right to vote in Kuwait. The Kurds and the Student movement in Iran is much stronger now than 2 years ago.

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Well I think that we have hit the wall with this thread. Let's take a moment away from the sandbox, hug our loved ones, watch some tv and start again tomorrow ...

The universe is change;
your life is what our thoughts make it
- Marcus Aurelius (161)


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