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On Talos, Ithorian compound, missing party

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I had just returned to the Ithorian Compound as the B4D4 droid with the incriminating data on the Cserka corporation. After dropping off the data pad to help the Ithorians (I am playing Light side right now) I get my main character back, but he is by himself.


I headed back toward my apartment to see if the rest of my party was there, and on the way was contacted by an Ithorian about an assault on the compound that occurred when I left.


On returning to the compound, I find it full of baddies, and it seems nearly impossible to fight them all by my weakling self.


Am I supposed to have my party at this time, or is this a bug?


I hope someone knows. Thank you!

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It's not a bug, but it's a bit confusing the first time.


You can recover your party by going to the party selection screen. You can get there through one of the icons in the top right of your screen. Select the people you want and choose 'Add'. You must do this before you enter combat.


You'll be using this screen throughout the game. This is the first time you really need it, and there should be a pop-up message explaining how it works. The rest of the 'tutorial' element was really well executed, this is one that slipped through the net.

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