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Anyon elooking forward to and Empire at War?

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I have been reading up about Lucas Art's newest upcoming strategy game StarWars: And Empire at War, an dI can tell you, I am highly anticipating this game. It is due out in Fall of this year, and come from Petroglyph, a small company that formed after the break up of Westwood studios, ya knwo the company that created Command & Conquer. Anyways, I have gone threw the screen shots and concept art, and have read multiple reviews from many game supliers, including Gamespot, Gamespy and IGN.com. And I can tell you , I am fully impressed by it. I do plan on buying this game, since Strategy games where the very first computer game sI ever started playing and what got me interested in Computer gamin gin the first place. So, who else is looking forward to this release?

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It looks decent, but I'm waiting on more actual reviews first since I wasn't a big fan of their previous foray into the strategy genre.

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I'll probably get it, but I'll wait to see the reviews before I buy ANY LA game again (except for the ever possible Kotor III).

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Not me.


Nur Ab Sal was one such king. He it was, say the wise men of Egypt, who first put men in the colossus, making many freaks

of nature at times when the celestial spheres were well aligned.



This I doubt. We are hearing a child's tale.

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Nope. I think the RTS genre hit it's peak with Warcraft 3 and Myth. There is only so much you can do with an RTS before it becomes a roleplaying game.


Lucas Arts long ago abandoned their reputation of adding in unique ideas to the gaming industry and became a cut and paste company.



WC3 being the best RTS with resource management and Myth being the best RTS where you get some units and that's all you get to make the level work.


I think Myth: "The Fallen Lords" was probably the best strategy game to date as it made you use your unit's abilities to your advantage as well as getting the high ground advantage and sacrificing the right units at the right time to make it through. It was also much more realistic as losing a soldier made the level that much more intense as you couldn't just click on your barracks to make another one.


Also, the story in Myth was pretty damn good. Probably the best levels to play were the ones where you were put on the defensive. Satchel charges and ranged combat with that physics engine was damn good. I have yet to find an RTS that is remotely close to Myth and Myth was made in 96/97. (It's almost 10 years old)


I used to multi-play myth quite often when it came out and I found it quite interesting as even a new-comer to the game would have a chance against those folks who play the game so much they have every map memorized.


They made a sequel to myth, Myth 2: Soulblighter and it was still fairly good but they didn't change much. They also made a Prequel called Myth 3: The Wolf Age but I only played the demo as they yet again didn't meet my expectations. It must suck getting your product right the first time around hehe.

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I've become less and less a fan of RTS over the years; micromanagement really bores me a lot now, RTS SP storylines are less enjoyable for me to watch as usually they are from that above ingame perspective, and basically it's all collect resources, defend base, build army, attack, rinse and repeat.


I did really like Battle for Middle Earth as it banished micromanagement almost completely, but even proven classic RTS like Command and Conquer and Age of Mythology can't hold my attention anymore and SW RTS games have ended up leaving wanting; Galactic Battlegrounds was meh and the one before that was horrible. So I really don't know if I'll be interested in Empire at War. Screenies look nice and all but I've been fooled by that too many times before to know that while it may look fun and interesting it ends up being not.


I haven't bought any LA game since K2 and don't know if any will be of interest to me now with the result of that. Won't buy the Ep3 game which is slightly of interest to me since they went with the console only bologny, not much interested in Republic Commando. Even K3 if it were made, in the current state of K2 and how it left me feeling, would be a game I'd have to really consider buying now. So Empire at War has several notches against it right now for me.

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Too soon to say. I'll be watching its progress.


I've always wanted to order Star Destroyers and TIE squadrons around and stuff. If it's done . . . "right." Rebellion didn't do too well in that regard . . . I don't expect anything much. It could be good, though. Maybe. Hopefully. Argh.

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Guest Dowie100

Yeah I can't wait


Hopefully they wont cut out half the game to release it by Christmas


But then the developers are Westwood Studios MK2, so im not worried!

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