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Any good rpgs ?


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I agree with Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines. Make sure you have enough memory to play it - it stutters a lot if you have less than 1Gb on many systems.


Morrowind takes time to get into. It doesn't have a fantastic main quest, its strength is in the richness of the world, the backstory, and the degree of freedom it offers. If you judge it on its own terms, it's a very good game.


I'm suggesting a game that I've never played, so take this with a pinch of salt, but I know someone who loves Ultima: Ascension. It was very buggy when released, but that was because it was too demanding on graphics for its day. It still looks fairly good, from what I've seen, and Ultima games always had a good story. Maybe someone who's actually played it could give you more info.

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I'll try baldur's gate again but well...i have already tried quite hard to get into that game...without success.

Give it a little time. :( If you still don't like it, then that's okay. It's only a game after all.


still,thanks for the advice.definitely helpful.

No prob.

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I think you should try the Gothic series. It's quite difficult to get hold of Gothic, but if you do, it's well worth your money. Gothic 2 is best played after Gothic, even though it's supposed to be a stand alone game. Both are great RPG's however, and if you can't find Gothic, Gothic 2 is a great game in itself.

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Id like to raise a small flag of warning for Gothic 2(I havent played the first one) that the story is very generic, you cant create your own character and there is no party so no deeper NPC interaction.

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