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The rakata

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This is about Kotor, so I'd understand if it gets moved.


I'm on the rakata world right now and I'm about to enter the temple but before that I spoke to the One who gave me the mission to go and kill the elders. Upon arriving at the elder enclave, I spoke to scientists and historians there who said they'd like to have peace with the One.


To gain entry to the temple, I must rescue the elder's captured scout from the savages. Going back to the savages enclave after that is enough to turn them all hostile, is there no way to avoid this ?


I've been through this part of the game before, but like this time, I'm unable to reach an understanding between the tribes. I wonder, is there some twist in dialog or something that could allow me to not have to decimate one of the villages ? In my game, the savages usually end up getting slaughtered. Is there even a way to open negociations between the 2 ?

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possibly spoiler:



















you first go and talk to the one. after that go to the elder temple and kill them. you have to get a book from one of the elder and bring it to the one.


he then will let you enter the temple. when you finished the temple (kill jollee and juhani) you can return to the one with bastila and tell him that the knowlage he secks is in a computer and he is to stupid to use it. <- after that he gets mad and attacks you. good by rakata :D (you have to do this before returning to the ebon hawk of course)

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The best Dark Side solution I know is to:

kill the Mandalorians; speak with The One; listen to Loremaster Gjarshi; finish Warleader Garn's side quest; speak with the Elders; listen to Keeper Orsaa; kill The One; finish Researcher Ll'awa's side quest; kill the Elders.

Hours of murderous fun! :rolleyes:

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