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Do You Think Revan And Exile Were Great Leaders?

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Hello :)



I was just wondering.Did you guys think of Revan and the Exile as the greatest leaders of the Kotorian time? or did you hate them as leaders? what are your opinions on their leadership skills any Ideas?





-Bastila Skywalker

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One gets a stronger sense of Revan's leadership ability than the Exile's, I think. As for Revan, he seems indeed to have been a great leader, and most particularly, a great leader of the Sith, insofar as one can be a great Sith. The thing is, it would appear that when one has gathered all the power of the Force to oneself, especially in being open to the dark side, power over others comes somewhat naturally, with the KotOR games taking this principle and making it fundamental to game mechanics and character development (though in somewhat different ways). So to ask "was Revan a great leader" is more particularly to ask "was Revan a great Sith and/or Jedi?" Revan and the Exile both drew on all the power that the Force made available to them, while being strong enough not to be destroyed by it. In that, is almost limitless power, and power over others.

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Too little background info to pass judgement.


I'd say this is certainly true of the Exile. There's really barely anything at all to go on regarding his functioning as a leader for good or ill prior to the game (wherein whether he is a good leader or not is entirely up to the player).


But KotOR II offers substantial additions to Revan's backstory and all in all gives us a fair amount to work with regarding his own leadership.

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