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where can i get dark jedi robes?

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Next question will be: how do i open the packing so that i can play the game?


With a chainsaw :geek:


Seriously, there's a mod over at PCGamemods that allows you to make Sith and Jedi robes at a workbench. The website is http://www.pcgamemods.com/10925/ - kudos to RedHawke for making that for us all!



Lord Revan was most displeased with your lack of combat skill.

-Something I wish they'd put in KOTOR

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Just look for them, that's the great thing about Kotor2, every container you open and every merchant you meet provides a wealth of surprises.


Or you can cheat, apparently, there's a cheat that lets you spawn any item you want. I never cheated in the Kotor games, but I'd like more info on it, if I play it again, I want to make sure I get alot of mandalorian desintegrators, one way, or the other. :D

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