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Poll - Obsidian's Next PnP to CRPG Project

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Quick rundown for the uninformed of those games I know about and isn't obvious:


Shadowrun: Shadowrun is a cyberpunk genre PnP role playing game originally written by FASA. When FASA went under it was then picked up by WizKidz. Basically take the works of William Gibson and add in trolls, elves, dwarves, and magic.


Palladium: Palladium is rules system that spawned off quite a number of spinoff rle playing games. From RIFTS to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles RPG. At its base it is a fantasy role plying game, but has a more of a darker feel to it. It is closer to Elric of Melbourne than Drizzt of Icewind Dale.


GURPS: General Universal Role Playing System: It is a very generalized skill based/point based role playing game. There are dozens of supplements for it and can be used for any genre that one can conceive.


Vampire: The Requiem: The World of Darkness is basically gothic style horror set in the modern world. For the basic rundown read Anne Rice novels and you get the basic idea.


Traveller: A hard science fiction role playing game set in a Space Opera style. If I remember correctly you could get your character killed during creation.


Role Master: Ah, Role Master, or has my friends and I call it, Roll Master. Generally it is a fantasy based rules system that it takes about 10 hours to fully flesh out a character and 2 minutes to kill. Plagued by very complex combat charts and endless charts of critical hit tables. You never want to take a Void E critical underwater for it will then require you to take a Ice B critical soon after. And if you survive that then you still take a Impact Blunt D critical.


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Not sure about any of the game mechanics/systems. I guess it makes sense to use a pre-existing system that's been tried and tested. I know there is an unfortunate tendency to make games easier and easier these days, but getting killed in the first minute is swinging the pendulum too far the other way.


As for the setting, none of them really jump out at me. Something that hasn't been done to death would be nice, with definitly no elves or goblins and no magic. Has there ever been a cRPG set in Roman or Greek times? Would that work? Just a thought.


Actually, I would like a Stargate RPG. I heard the new Stargate game was going to be a first person shooter. Alas, I suppose it's the financially sound thing to do.

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...what Obsidz needs ta do is this:



1. Grab someone at Wizards o' the Crapper by the throat


2. Explain to those muttonheads that the Planescape Universe is still useful


3. Get the go-ahead


4. Wake Avellone up


5. Start developement on a Planescape: Torment remake


6. Create joy in the cRPG Universe once more







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Planescape is a dead setting and I would prefer Obsidian starts to work on their own IP, PC or otherwise.


It should technically be possible to run a Planescape campaign or even produce a Planescape game in 3E using the 3E Manual of the Planes though. It'd just be more work. No more work than, say, producing an RPG that doesn't already have a complete P&P campaign canon written ahead of time, though. You'd just have to tweak existing characters and Planar lore a bit to fit 3E. I guess moreso it's just a matter of whether WotC would be willing to permit licensing for the Planescape setting toward such a use in the present. And no one here (except perhaps a couple of devs) could possibly even guess how WotC, in the present, feels about licensing their IP to the purpose of such a strange arrangement.


Atari currently has the D&D rights, but does this include the rights for 2E materials (for all D&D products and settings and materials everywhere, ever?!?!), and is it to the exclusion of other publishers' access to such rights? D&D licensing politics baffle me.

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I doubt they are working on their own intellectual property...too risky for a new company.  They are probably working on a licensed project.


You sure? After the release of NWN2, that will be two "established" games they've developed under their belt, and thus possibly giving them enough credibility to create their own IP.

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I doubt they are working on their own intellectual property...too risky for a new company.  They are probably working on a licensed project.


You sure? After the release of NWN2, that will be two "established" games they've developed under their belt, and thus possibly giving them enough credibility to create their own IP.


It's their own IP.

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Oblivion's supposed to revolutionize AI, which I am very much looking forward to..


Oh, yes, I've heard about that. Basically, everyone who you see (that is not a triggered encounter) has a "goal driven AI".


Which means, say you walk into a bar, the guy in the corner is not just standing there...he is thinking about something and trying to accomplish certain things. This could lead to all kinds of spontaneity and replayability.


This would effectively set a new bar in the RPG world.

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