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Visas' Sacrifice?

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I've heard this mentioned elsewhere, and I, among others, am interested in seeing it through to a proper conlusion:


Can Visas be made to sacrifice herself in Knights of the Old Republic II?


Of course this goes without saying I mean in the retail game, with no modifications or anything like that (if such things even exist).


I am inclined to think 'no', though I admit my bias could well have an effect on my opinion ( :)"). I have read the posts of a 1 or 2 scattered users who claim they got her to sacrifice herself during the Nihilus fight as a Dark Side exile... however (and I honestly mean no offense) I have a little trouble beleiving the claims.


If more people come along though, perhaps with some proof, that would be great!


If it turns out she can be killed... and I admit this is a distinct possibility, it would present yet another complication for KOTOR3, should the developers decide to actually finish up KOTOR2 at all. I could be worked in, just like everything else... but it just adds another thing they need to keep in mind when making kotor3 >_<


It would also be interesting because (and correct me if im wrong here please) that would make Visas the only one of the exiles companions that can be killed in the game, which seems odd to me, since its almost like the developers went out of their way to remove all such events from the game (eg: attons death, visas/handmaiden fight, bao-dur(?))




- Dan

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I agree and I do have to admit I've thought stuff along the same lines as you. Like with the cut ending in KotOR 1 if you were a DSF, you could die on the Star Forge with Carth. Maybe Obsidian/LA decided that it would be best if they cut out things that complicated KotOR 3?


I've read the same things about her sacrificng herself and there's got to be some sort of check where she's not wearing any sort of special armor, just her clothes. It's something odd.



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Yes you can have her kill herself to save you. She will take her lightsaber and stab it through her stomach.

She needs to be wearing her own clothes and have a lightsaber. This is no bull****. When you fight nihilus and you get to the part where you ask her if she can disrupt the link to nihilus you can tell her to take her own life. It's quite a sad moment actually. Even mandalor says he death was worthy of a mandalorian.

Go ahead and try :thumbsup:

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She needs to be wearing any clothes (only called clothes) or no clothes so that she's in her underwear, not any specific set of clothes. She also needs to have a melee weapon equipped.


Speaking of which. I noticed DS get special DS underwear (yeah how sweet)

But never noticed anything particularly special with LS characters. Was I just not looking properly?


:"> *mumbles* not that I was checking

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Very interesting... thanks for clearing that up. The whole clothes thing seems very weird.. you think they could have come up with a better condition on which to base the killing of a character than what she is wearing.


Either way, its good to know, and it confirms what I had sort of hoped wouldn't happen, because at least when they had given us -no- chance of closure, I could at least hold onto the hope that it meant they had something in store for her... but now I wonder how this will pan into the next game now? Maybe we will never see her character again?


I hope it doesn't mean she won't exist at all in the next game, since its likely that most LS players who didn't sacrifice her will want closure... just like with every other character. I guess its yet another thing they will have to run a check for at the beginning of the game :(


- Dan



Ok I just confirmed it for myself by trying it out... so sad... but very touching. It's quite obviously a Dark Side thing... but like most stages in the game they like to give you the option to turn at any stage. I think it shouldn't have been an option for LS'ers, so at least then it could have been a simple Light vs. Dark issue come game 3. I still find it a bit upsetting that she is the only character they killed off (albeit only if you choose to), but I guess if it had to be any character it makes the most sense that it be her, seeing as she does constantly pledge "my life for yours".


So sad. Compounded by the fact I am really pessamistic about her appearing in the next game now. I was much more optimistic when there was no two ways about her fate at the end of the game. Lets hope i'm wrong eh?

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Visas' death may be ignored completely in KOTOR 3. Even if you decide at the beginning of KOTOR 2 that Revan saved the Republic, Bastila still appears. However, it is possible to kill Bastila in a light side ending. This was completely ignored, so it may be the same with Visas.

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I just tried the Darkside underwear thing. Apparently, it was made so they wouldnt have to re-texture any more skin. Easier to cover it up with an all-covering black spandex tracksuit.

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