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i beat da game a while ago on light side and played it over like 3 times as light but what happens in da dark side ending. i like the game i'm on now and i do not wanna start another so i was just curious what da main differnce is in the two ending???

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LS you leave to find Revan vs. DS you stay to take over the galaxy... thats it!!

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Just curious... but for my LS ending I thought I was given the choice (in Kreia's speech) to stay on Malachor V to be a guide to others 'touched by the force.


I don't remember if it was an actual choice in the dialogue, but I know Kreia presented this as an option. Was this a dark side choice? That would have resulted in the DS ending? Because the notion of a Jedi staying at the Trayus Academy to guide others doesn't really make a whole lot of sense to me, given the planets very high dark side power.


- Dan

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wait is the Exile gonan brign aobut a death to the force or What? I was basically the LS version of Nhilius or teh DS Equivalent of him. WHidch measn i consume and i need to kill force sensatives in order to live. So what hapens to teh Jedi council at teh end of teh game and what happens to me and the Force? Im all for clifhangers but this is just ridiculous their was nto a cliff hanger ending this was an anti ending and with no sequel in the works i felt SEVERLY Blue Balled by the rich plot line up to the end.

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