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How does CAT 5.3 work with KOTOR2?

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crashes bugs etc?  or stay with 4.11?


It's the ONLY driver that worked for me. I have a 9600 series AGP/128mb card.



PS If you try it, DON'T down load Catalyst Control Center! I think CCC was causing most of my problems to begin with. Also be sure to pick 'Application Preference' EVERYWHERE in the advanced settings....

After I did this I had NO vid card issues with the game.


good luck.

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For what it's worth, I'm running 5.3 with the 4.11 opengl.dll file (as outlined in the describe your fixes threat"). Runs like a dream. Game play is fine, as are the movies. I'm not very far into the game though I only just got to Telos, so I presume if there are show stopper bugs they're all still ahead of me.


I think (since I got to Telos) the foot steps effect is starting to get a bit of a weird echoing effect going on when I run, but other than its going well.


About once a night, it crashes to the desktop when I try to load a new scene, but that's not much worse than most other windows programs, so it's tolerable as far as i'm concerned.


I've got a Radeon X300 for the record, and the 5.3 drivers made about 1000 pts differnce on 3d benchmark over whatever my HP shipped with.

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The absolute best OGL driver for KOTOR (I & II) is the 4.2 version.


Catalyst 5.3 is terrible overall. Lots of slow downs in games like Half-Life 2 as well as corrputed textures. The CCC is a piece of dodgy bloatware that only makes the decison to go back to Nvidia that much stronger imo.


Guru3d is a comprehensive PC enthusiast community and they have forums specifically dedicated to ATI and Nvidia as well as their drivers and the general consensous is that 5.3 are rubbish. I agree as I am a member of Guru3d and not a beginner when it comes to gaming and or PC upgrades or maintenence, for what it is worth.

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5.3 gave me a performance boost in games like halo and for kotor2 seemed to get rid of all my bugs. I guess it really depends on your system.


I totally agree there.


granted there are times, i thought about going to Nvidia, but the overheating they cause stops me from thinking that.


But If ATI doesn't get off its' ass and fix the glow problem in their drivers, i will be forced to stop using the 4.3 dll file that fixes it since the X800 cards aren't support in the 4.3 drivers

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