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Kotor 3 planets

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Endor. I wanna see an Ewok. I wanna see an Ewok! I also wanna kill an Ewok. :thumbsup:



So do a lot of people, but that's what Star Wars: Battlefront is for...




Sorry to be a geek, but... :rolleyes:


What does Endor actually look like? Don't the ewoks live on Endor's Forest moon, not Endor? I can't remember. Does the EU say anymore on the subject?

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The Moon is called (oddly enough ) the santuary moon..endor the planet is a gas giant the sanruary moon obits..the system is called endor as well,so when people talk about the santuary moon the just usally says endor (probally because the santuary moon is a weird and redicules name for a moon).


Thanks...but I have one question. "Santuary", or SanCtuary?

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This might be off the topic (it is) but what if, they stumbled on a planet far far away, unknown, nothing living, somehing was there and they seeded the planet. and in the far far future it turns out to be earth, which i prefer they leave that part for us to guess.  a connection to our reality would be intrigueing. :) they could make it look the pangea model.


that was one of the gayest things i've ever heard in my life. Earth in STAR WARS??????? what the hells wrong wit u

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anyways some cameo's of ol characters would b cool. like mission and zallabar strting 2 rebuild taris after the bombardment if revens was light sided. also like hanharr/mirra return to start exchange or some crime synadate on nar shadda. i'd also like some cool spice smugglimg shipments sidequest. that would b so sweet. also drving speeders and some ships would b cool if the devs could figure out a way 2 put it in

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