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Bao Dur's conversion

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Okay, playing a DS character, I decided to just lose influence with all the LS inclined PCs to break them (w00t) .


The only one I seem to have trouble with is Visas since her conversation influence path tends to give LS points. Guess will have to get influence with her in other ways (by slaughtering some civilians LOL).


Can't believe how easy it was to unlock T3 's bonuses and Bao Dur going Jedi by doing the DS acts. What I have a hard time swallowing is that Bao Dur supposedly becomes a Dark Guardian when he is very lightside. After all, he is very opposed to my PC LOL.


Guess Obsidian can't take all player actions into account LOL.


By the way, you can also use the air speeder in Nar Shaadaa to lose influence with both T3 and Bao Dur instead of gaining when you have them double check it. Guess it also works for gaining influence. Didn't realize that you could have the other character come back to double check the work on the air speeder when the other one already checked it. Say you had Bao Dur and Atton, have Bao Dur check and lose/gain influence. Use the air speeder to move to another area, switch T3 for Bao then move back to refugee sector. Have T3 check to lose/gain influence.

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