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Dantoonie games slugish

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this is probably the main gameplay problem for most people and itsa been answered about 5000 times, though i'll just do it again


If you are using an nvidia card, add this in under [Graphics options] in the swkotor.ini file


Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1

and save it


If you are using an Ati card, bring up the menu in game and go to graphics and change one graphical detail, like say AA is at 4X, well then change it to 2X, apply and continue playing, the lag should be gone. However going into the menu again or re-entering from a different area will cause the lag to return, just go back to the menu and change another graphical detail, eg changing AA 2X back to AA 4X


This may also work for the Nividia cards if the Vertex buffers didn't change anything


I have also heard if you are using the newer catalyst drivers, try downloading the latest omega ones or rolling back to a previous version of the catalyst drivers which seems to fix the problem for many people using ATI cards

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When ever I go to Dantoonie the game slows way doown, to where I have to wait for a while while the game catches up with it's self. can anybody help?

I tried the suggestions for fixing this problem and they worked to an extent. But when I reach the main Building in Dantoonie this is what I get.


The instruction at " 0x7c9122ba" referenced memory at " 0xc071dde4"

the memory could not be read.

I'm using an ATI 9600 pro Atlantis

700 plus megs ddr ram

AMD athlon 2500+ Barton.

Other than this problem @ Dantoonie it's been a great ride.

Hopefully someone will answer this for me so I can continue. Thankyou very much

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