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Things you would've added to KOTOR2

What little things would you have added to KOTOR2?  

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  1. 1. What little things would you have added to KOTOR2?

    • Force Choke options....and lots of it
    • Yuthura Ban and Jolee Bindo as joining members
    • Customize Ebon Hawk interior
    • Ancient Sith artifacts/abilities
    • Scrap G0-T0
    • Lesbian Romances
    • An "advanced" mode unlockable by completing game once
    • Make the Ebon Hawk's exterior, as they say, "pimped out"
    • (M) Finish Handmaiden's Jedi conversion by creating a love child
    • (F) Enslaving Atton & making a little Sith Lord baby with him

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Damn this was hard. It was a tie between "pimping" the Hawk's interrior and Yuthera and Jolee as reutrning characters. Plus scraping G0-T0 was very tempting, too. But I went with Yuthera and Jolee because of the conversation on the Ebon Hawk between the rest of the party...just think of Jolee talking with Di. Haha. And Yuthera talking with Handmaiden, Mira, and/or Visas? THat would've been too funny. And they could've actually been returning characters since both had a history with Revan. And if Revan was LS, Yuthera apparently went to Dantooine if you converted her so you could get her there instead of Di, but he adds this annoying charater to the game. If Revan is DS, you'd get someone else... kind of like the Hanharr/Mira thing. With Jolee, he could just sort of join your party on some planet where it's like your second or third. He could say he was tracking the Hawk or something special like that. Yuthera is on the ship because she wants to be taught the way of the Jedi or something DS-converted-to-LS. Jolee could be tracking Revan...


Wow that was more like a submission to a suggestion box rather than a reply to a poll.... :ermm:



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If I had the chance I would add almost everything listed above but since I could choose only one I think it would have been fun to see force choke options in the convos (though that would mean we would have had to get force choke early in the game). :devil::ermm:

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I voted for adding Jolee and Ms. Ban into the game. I would even be okay if Jolee wasn't a playable character and just made a cameo--I loved his comments in KOTOR.


If I could pick another thing to add, it would be an actual fight scene between Atris and Darth Nihilus--as seen in some advertisments. Then maybe you would choose someone's side, or something? I don't know, I just thought it'd be cool if all the advertisments were actually in the game.

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