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Jun Madine

KOTOR I & II plus BattleFront

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I don't know about you guys but SW battlefront is a favorate game of mine like the KOTOR games.


If you were to combine the story of KOTOR to the gamplay of BattleFront you could get a first person view of how the fighting in both the Mandalorian and Jedi Civil wars.


I think that would be a fun way to experiance the many battles spoken of in the KOTOR games. Well i just wanted to throw the idea at you guys and see what you think.


*If anything there should be a game about the Mandalorian Wars*

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Suprised they havnt thought of it. It's mostly a reskinning job after all. More like a TC than a new game.

I have to agree with Volourn.  Bioware is pretty much dead now.  Deals like this kills development studios.


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