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Can't UNISTALL the game!!! HELP ME!!

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When I try to unistall the game... the first time seems that gonna ok... so I decided to re-install the game... but when I put the cd, it told me again to UNISTALL the game and I don't able to re-install!!! I prove to remove manually all the folder of KOTOR, LucasArt or Bioware but NOTHING!!!


How can I do?????????


PS:sorry for my bad english!!!! :-b :blink:

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There is (most likely) still a register entry to KOTOR2 in the registery of Windows...

These are deleted during "Normal un-installs" and are the main reason you don't trow unneccessary programs away like you did...


You might ask somebody who knows a lot about PC's how to remove the KOTOR2 entry from you're registery

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If you dont feel comfortable digging around in your registry, you could use a program like registry medic. It scans your registry for invalid entries (ie, programs that no longer exist on the hard drive) and removes them. I know you can get a demo version at majorgeeks.com, but it only removes 5 entries per scan, so unless you are willing to shell out the registration fee...

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After deleting the main KOTOR2 folder (if you've uninstalled already, or if you can't) you can delete these regsitry entries:


Go To START > RUN Type: regedit, hit Enter.


This will open the Windows Registry Editor


You want to remove/delete these Registry folders:


HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Lucasarts *NOTE* only delete this one if you have no other Lucasarts games installed





That should do it if they weren't already removed from the uninstall. Then just close the registry and reboot your computer.




Forgot to note that I had the game tell me it was corrupt or missing or something like that after 1st week of playing so had to "attempt" the uninstall as it wouldn't re-install overtop of itself. Also the uninstall wouldn't work... so had to manually delete the game folder and reg keys, then re-install. You can save your saved games though and after re-installing just move them back into the saved game folder.

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