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Lightsabres for Party Members?

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Right now, I have got to the point where Atton is a Lvl. 2 JS, and I'm building influence with the Echani. I figure, if they are going to be Jedi, they should have A Sabre. So far, I've been unable to get one for my party members. Can anyone help me out here?



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Items are random in KOTOR 2. Seeing how this is the case, all you can really do is just complete quests. You sometimes get a lightsaber for your reward depending on the quest. Also, I have found a double-bladed lightsaber in Vogga the Hutt's store room both times that I have broken in there. If you don't know how to get in there, then tell me and I or another will explain it.

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This works *ONLY* if you can dance for Vogga, or you have someone else who can.


Go into the Nar Shadaa dock area, and then continue into the apartments (where you eventually end up to speak with the Jedi Master). *note* Make sure that you have a character with stealth skills, and a stealth field generator. The first door on the left should contain a couple of guys that say that you will not be able to sneak up on them.... Well you can. Equip your stealth field generator and head on in there. They will not realize you are there and tell you their plan for getting into Vogga's Chambers. Now that you know the plan, leave the docks and go to the Refugee dock area (where your ship is). Once in this area head for the entertainment district, and then go into the bar. Talk to the bar tender and pay him for some Juma juice to put Vogga's kath hounds to sleep. Now is where your dancing comes into play. Talk to Vogga and if the option is still available (I say this because I do not know if you will have this option after completing Nar Shadaa) dance for the slug, and put that sucker to sleep. Then walk to the corner of the room and poor the Juma juice into the Kath Hound's water dish. The kath hounds are now dead, and you are free to break into Vogga's chambers.


If you did not unlock the dance option the first time you played through, then while you are in the bar, you should look for a green Twi'lek with some girls dancing for him. Talk to him and convince him that you or one of your party members should dance for Vogga. Although if your character is a male, then you will not be able to dance..... Just have handmaiden do it.


Hope that helps! ;)

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