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Can't Leave telos...Duros won't allow me through

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Ok, I'll get right straight to the point...I'm pretty sure this is a game bug..


I've finished working through all the missions for czerka...At the bounty exchange, i've killed everyone at the exchange and then headed back to czerka corp. At czerka corp, i killed all mercenaries and talked to lana for my reward. But here's thing, after talking to lana and getting my reward as well as the trip to telos surface, I closed and reopened the conversation window with her and asked this line "what can u tell me about the ithorian's complaints" ...and after i exit the window and make my way to the duros at the docking port 3, the duros dosen't give me the line option that allows me to take the shuttle down to telos surface. This is AFTER i've finished killing everyone at the exchange.


I've already updated my patch but i still can't get to telos surface...can anyone help me out here / or encountered this bug b4? Any solutions? i'm stuck...

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