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Who deserves to die the most?

What would you rather do..  

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  1. 1. What would you rather do..

    • Ripped the arms of Disciple and beat him with it.
    • Make Atton swallow his Pazaak deck cards till he die.
    • Explode the fat one GO-TO.
    • Blast Carth with is own blaster.
    • Anihilate Handmaiden.
    • Scrap T3-M4 for good.
    • Send HK-47 into junk pieces.
    • Stab Visas in the neck with your lightsaber.
    • There's just too many I wished to kill...
    • I'm a lightsider.

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Mira. I would have chosen her. Don't know...

But yes, GOTO. I really would like to kill him. He didn't even ask if he could join. This droid drove me crazy. So annoying.

But how could anyone want to kill Atton? The scoundrel ^^

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If i had my way, Goto will die a useful death In Kotor 3.



He set his self destruction code and he BLOWS UP and helps the good guys win.



Carth should die also being a hero.



If I had my way, Kotor 3 will see alot of good guys dying and alot of bad guys dying too.

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Well... Mira didn't exactly ask if she can join up too.

She just gassed me, left me unconsious I came to Visquis, G0T0 had me captured, then I chose Kreia and Bao to save me from his ship and suddenly I got these 2 unwelcome persons at my ship - Mira and G0T0.


Is it just me or does anyone else think this is odd.

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