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How should Atton repay his debt to society for his "crime of passion" a few years ago?  

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  1. 1. How should Atton repay his debt to society for his "crime of passion" a few years ago?

    • Mandatory hourly lectures from Kreia
    • Jabbed with a Bothan Stunner & starved for a few days.....
    • Become Hanharr's "schutta"
    • Take away his pazaak cards
    • Take away his "pink lightsaber"
    • Force him to watch the Star Wars Holiday Special
    • "Community Service" in the Exile's bedroom
    • Don't hurt my sweet Atton! He didn't mean to do it......
    • You aren't touching my beloved Dark Jedi Sentinel boy toy.......
    • This poll is insane.........

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It seems our pazaak playing scoundrel with a crush on the female Exile did a very bad thing a few years before KOTOR2's setting. Killed a Jedi woman "because he loved her" (according to the interesting dialogue when you convert him to Jedi Sentinel). :blink:


What should be done to him? ;)

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He should get married.



“Things are as they are. Looking out into the universe at night, we make no comparisons between right and wrong stars, nor between well and badly arranged constellations.” – Alan Watts
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I didn't even know Atton could be turned into a jedi (w00t) . Shows how new I am huh? And after i've played through the game 3 times too..!!


Well, I chose to have Kreia give him mandatory hourly lectures. That is usually enough to get my character to get out the straight-jacket.

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No option to eject Atton out into vacuum to stop him killing off another jedi then...

Really couldnt believe that rubbish be said about torturing and killing that jedi woman because 'he loved her'.


Funnily enough, to me, it sounded alot like ********.


No offence to any Atton lovers or anything.

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Atton is a simple tool if you go darkside, easy to convince him she was an evil manipulative Jedi who broke his brain, and thus get him to swear his loyalty to you.


He's also an easy tool if you're a pretty chicky who bats her eyes at him nicely. I know he's been in prison a while, but still...


Seems like a kinda slightly spineless Harry Senate-kissing-Dana-Poole to me!




JK! :)

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