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Vrook Poll

What do you think of Vrook after playing the game?  

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  1. 1. What do you think of Vrook after playing the game?

    • Still hate him
    • Enjoyed cutting him down
    • Enjoyed seeing Kreia zap him
    • Should've died when Darth Malak bombed Dantooine.........
    • Should've died when Darth Nihilus devoured Katarr......
    • I like him
    • I love him
    • *tries real hard to keep focus on Visas/Handmaiden's entry ramp*
    • *tries real hard to keep focus on Atton's "saber"*
    • This poll is pointless

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Vrook was no Jedi.  He enjoyed his power too much, and refused to consider that anyone else might have a valid point.  The signs of this are apparent even in K1, although not so pronounced.  But it's not hard to imagine the pleasure he got out of turning Revan back on himself.  A little payback for flaunting his authority.


Even when Exile was a padawan, Vrook perceived another threat to his power.  People flocked to Exile, and they were listening and following, even in non-important issues.  He did everything he could to block Exile's acceptance by the Order, without (apparently) alerting the rest of the Council to his personal motives.


This guy is almost too real.  He will never be anything better.  Kreia's Toaster was all the justice and redemption he earned, although if it had been employed much earlier, maybe the Jedi Order wouldn't have had to die so dramatically a la Revan.


Pretty good villain, though.


I don't really agree. I certainly don't like Vrook but I think he's more of a fundamentalist Jedi than a villain. He is really, really anal about the Code and his interpretation of it but he doesn't really mean harm.


He simply doesn't trust those eager youngsters :luck:.


Oooh when Kreia killed all the jedi masters i was so happy, even tho i was LS :), especially Vrook. He is supposed to be a damned jedi master yet ive never met anyone else in the game so egocentric and arrogant than he was. I hated him in the first game and was sad i couldnt kill him but it was all worth it when Kreia killed him. Not only is she my favourite character but she killed the one i hate the most. God even after you save him on Dantooine he still yells at you..oh well, Kreia taught him his lesson and finally let the old man die.


You know, I enjoyed that too in spite of my lightsided self. That's why I voted that way.


All the same he didn't really deserve to die. I was just happy that what was left of the Council wasn't going to suck me dry of the Force out of fear for the unknown. And really, if you think about it, Vrook isn't that much different from many of the Jedi in the Prequels.

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I like him. Sort of. He still manages to piss me of, but there are some funny retorts you can use after his "welcoming" (as usual) speech. I liked the option: "It's nice to see you Master Vrook still in your cheery disposition." - something similar. At least I can laugh at his lecturing instead of being bored by it. Kudos to Master Vrook! :thumbsup: Pity he won't be making an appearance in K3.

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Personally thought he was the best of all the Jedi Masters in the Game. The rest were pretty wishy washy characters and didn'tr eally compel me. And the fact he seems to draw such extreme reactions from people seems to back up that he was an engaging character. I hated him, whether I was playing lightside or not it was SOOOO tempting to strike him. I just think he was just a perfect example of the Jedi Arrogance that Kreia kept going on about, as another said, VERY anal abaout the code. The fact i hated him didn't make him a bad characfter, if anything it says the opposite.

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I liked Vrook. He was harsh and cold, but he was like the embodiment (in an elementary sense) of the idea of Kantian duty. Doing something because it is your duty to do it, and the more grudgingly you do it, the more virtuous you are, because you are not doing it for selfish reasons but because it must be done. Vrook knew what was right and wrong, and acted on it, even if he looked like an a-hole. He wasn't always right, but his conviction warrants some respect, methinks.


The Onderon Master, now he sucked hard. He looked like an ex-football playing Jedi Master. Looked and sounded like a total, antiseptic meathead. At least Vrook had some character. Same with Nar Shaddaa Jedi Master - though he did have that Civil War moustache, which was a unique addition. But still, neither of them had any character. Certainly didn't have that uniqueness that I expect from a Master. No interesting character traits, just foils for plot advancement, really.


I wish Master Vandar survived, though. I would secks him up anytime! SECKS HIM GUUD!

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sounds like you like it the hard way. *meow* hehe.


Honestly, I think Vrook is just being an a** because he didn't like the Exile in the first place. He's a whiny jedi master who seems to want to put the Exile in his/her place. Oh yeah, don't get me started on the arrogant part.

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When I play darkside he's the only Jedi master I kill while I let the others live.

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Honestly I enjoyed my DS playthru and killing Jedi Masters. It was kinda my wish in K1 to fight at least one of the Jedi Masters.



"You think you can learn my technique just by watching me? It takes a Jedi Master years to perfect it."


when he said that I felt like saying "I have grown more powerful than any Jedi. Even you. <Force Lightning>"


Oh and I even added myself Force Crush with KSE (yeah I know - cheated) to make Vrook die in the most interesting way :lol:


PS Oh and when fighting him who wouldn't choose the "Your form is about as subtle as a charging boma. I will show you how it is done." it's just something that you must tell him before he dies :D

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"The Master everybody hates"?


Shouldn't that be "The Master who hates everybody"? :D


I sort of like Vrook, though only as a the grumpy, bitter old dude who can only criticize how bad everything has gotten and how nobody understand him etc... Sort of reminds me of a Monty Python sketch, where they play these old guys sitting around a table having a contest about who had the worst childhood by making more and more outrageous and ludicrous statements, then finish off by agreeing that they young people of today wouldn't believe them... That's exactly who Vrook is, though it make not make him the most suitable Jedi Master.... Hmm, Vrook falling to the dark side... Almost sad we won't see it.

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yah I like vrook. I think he was a powerful jedi tbh...to bad we never got to see him in real action except for a few brief moments.


I wonder what happened to Vandar. I hope Vandar will make a return in KOTOR 3. Maybe he'll even fight like Yoda :D



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