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this is very interesting

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um actually [and by that i mean scientifically]... its just not tfeasible.


First of all, if you go the plasma route, you are just containing the plasma in a magnetic field which basically means u have to strengthen the magnetic field to the strength of a dense solid [ie steel or better]. You're better off just making a sword out of steel [cost: 40.00 less machine stamp] instead of making a hand sized nuclear cell and magnetic field generator.


Say you want to make one actually out of a laser, or light. Well you still need a magnetic field to contain all the light protons. Even if you didnt, you have to control the atoms to create a steel strength material. Again, for 40.00 you could just stamp out a steel blade instead of making a portable magfield reactor-emitter-controller. And if by some crazy miracle you were able to make the magnetic field/atom controller, why would you just make a sword. Why not make a beam weapon and make someone's brain implode from far away?


I think realistically, it would be more feasible to just make a flourescent of phosphourescent steel sword, that "glows" when attached to an electric charge. And then you still need to get close enough to use it.

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If someone would be able to bend light back and to create a lightsaber, then you still have the problem to find a Jedi to use it. :p

"Jedi poodoo!" - some displeased Dug


S.L.J. said he has already filmed his death scene and was visibly happy that he

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someone once told me of a cult called jedi but has nothing to do with star wars.


andi never doubted for a second lightsabers could be created but you need a huge but portable power source. so contradicting myself they are impossible to create like in the movies.

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dont forget that its a new millenium, scientists and ppl everywhere are making huge advancements in technology, and nano technology is coming up, and a lightsaber COULD MAYBE, MAYBE be feasible using nano technology. But hey, what do i kno, if laser swords are made, theyll only have a few uses, ex spies,agents or NOC's can use em. But if u make a light saber, guns will come next and then itll just suck for everyone.

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