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Revan is/was also Dark Lord of the Sith (or Dark Lady or whatever you call women). That's the only "real" title, the top level of the Sith hierarchy. The whole pain/betrayal/hunger thingy is just some fancy addition to make them seem bad. Vader never got there, though. The Emperor was in the way.


Also, spoiler section perhaps? Or spoiler tags.

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Vader = Invader

Revan = Revenge

Traya = Betrayal

Malak = Malice

Nihilus = Annihilation

Tyrannus = Tyranny

Sidious = Insidious

Maul = Mauling




Wow... how did you figure any of THAT out?!



KotOR II: After the Credits Rolled: Read

Force Sight: Read


Gaming Blog: Read

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Nihilus=Nihilism. This one is more fitting, IMO.


Atris=Attrition. She does seek the destruction of the Sith. However, an alternative definition is "Sorrow for one's sins"


Hmm, root word of "mauling," would that be "maul"?


And yes Bane would be Bane. Is it any wonder that the Forgotten Realms god of strife and hatred is named Bane?

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bane means the nemesis of.


nihilus is a spin of the latin word nihilo/nihil which means nothing, as in "empty of life"


yes its used in the political term nihilist which means "nothingist" = supports the theory of no government.


anarchy = ana or chaotic, archy = government

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