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What do u want from kotor3

What do u want from kotor3  

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  1. 1. What do u want from kotor3

    • New characters completely
    • Returning characters completely
    • Both of the above
    • Better game engine
    • Better storyline
    • More known worlds like Coruscant....
    • Ship different than the Ebon Hawk
    • All of the above
    • Nothing changes, I liked the first two the way they were

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I would like to see all of the above. Even tho I liked the first two, a change wouldnt hurt if it was for the better.

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I wouldn't mind to see all those things you mentioned, who wouldn't? But I think that anyone who expects to see all those improvements in K3 is way too optimistic, but who knows maybe your wish will come through...

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I'd like to see all of them, but maybe let the Ebon Hawk be there somewhere. Taking it out completly would be like taking T3 or HK out to me... What I want to see the most though is returning charactors ^-^



How dose the Ebon Hawk still fly? The poor ship crashes like 3 times per game... Thats one tough ship with some good mechanics (sp?)


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1)New characters completely

2)Returning characters completely

3)Both of the above

4)Better game engine

5)Better storyline

6)More known worlds like Coruscant....

7)Ship different than the Ebon Hawk

8)All of the above

9)Nothing changes, I liked the first two the way they were


1, 4, 5 (just better ending), 6 (BIGGER worlds with more to do and more people to talk to, not just long halways), and 7.


Also for it to be set about 100+ years after the end of TSL.

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What I'd like to see is:


1. A combination of new and returning characters.

2. A better storyline (although if it had the same quality overall storyline with only a better ending, I'd be content with that).

3. A new engine would be nice, especially since the current one would be getting pretty dated in the year or two it would take for a KOTOR 3 to be released, but it isn't absolutely necessary.

4. A new ship would also be nice, but again not absolutely necessary. I'd also hope the Ebon Hawk makes a cameo at least, even if you don't get to fly it.

5. A combination of established Star Wars worlds and new planets developed for the game.

6. Resolve some (hopefully most) of the loose ends from KOTOR 2.

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I would like to see some new and old characters and definitely some larger areas to explore. But I would also like to see the inclusion of the NPC banter that went on in KotOR 1. For a small example when Carth chided Bastila about loosing her lightsaber in the crash on Telos. There were several precious exchanges between NPCs in the first KotOR and I missed them in KotOR 2. For me, at least, it help flesh out the NPCs and gave them a little deeper character than in TSL.


I also agree with putting the deleted content from KotOR 2 into the, hopefully, finished KotOR 3 release.

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1. a real one sequel and non characters extracted from the sleeve

2. an end that has sense

3. A better storyline

4. I like the Ebon Hawk but would be funny that the exchange steal it and you could use other one until you find it

5. REVAN. :wacko:

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I like Star Wars. Lucasarts/Lucasfilm owns the Star Wars license. So it'd be impossible for me to get my wish for a great KOTOR3 without Lucasarts as the publisher. :(

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I'd definitely like some new characters, at least. Course, personally, I'd like to Atton return, but that's just me. ;)


I'd like a better, more complete feeling story - doesn't have to be a fairy tale ending with all loose ends wrapped up in a nutshell, but something that feels more satisfying and has at least some sense of closure for the player.


Don't really care about game engine/graphics, although that's always nice to have - but not if it means they don't work on...the story. Or something. Blah blah etc. etc.

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After this fiasco, I am defiently having serious doubts about buying any further Kotor games, they can't even get a patch out so why in blazes would I take yet another chance and buy another game from them? I honestly don't care at this point who's to blame, as a consumer I really don't have to. I blame them as a whole and most assuradly will base my future purchases, if any, on this incident.


They said they've learned from their mistakes, well that's just fine and dandy but it doesn't help the current situation now does it? There are still plenty of people out there that can't even get the game to run on multiple types of machine configs, or those who have crashes every time they turn around. We were told in February...FEBRURARY, that a patch will be out soon. Soon? Soon when? 2006, 2026? This is rediculous and insulting. We get no answers other than 'it's gone to Lucasarts Q&A for testing'. Is this the same Lucasarts Q&A that did the so called beta testing of this game? If so, well there goes the neighborhood. ;)

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i dont know why some people bag the game cause of bugs i dont know how bad theres are mind you but mine are relatively minor like now and then it will freeze or lag in combat but on the whole a good sequal. Anyhow for kotor 3 my main request is PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be a bit more truer to starwars as in kotor 2 not 1 of the jedi masters was an alien i would of hoped in k2 for two human jedi and the rest alien jedi.

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I know it's kind of difficult because of the voice acting.


but I would like to see the ability to create user modules like NWN. Obviously there could be no voice acting (unless the users were able to do it themselves as in the first Eternum module in NWN), but subtitles would be okay.

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I want all characters from kotor 1 and Kotor 2 to come back and join forces together to fight agianst the true sith and  both crews go and find out what happened to their two great leaders-Revan and the exile.


Ditto, well the more interesting characters at least, otherwise the Ebon Hawk might get a bit crowded :- Also I'd like to see some lightsaber dismemberment and decapitation in the fights :) Bloodthirsty, I know, but it was in the films, and IMHO lightsaber fights should be mostly short and brutal unless its 2 masters squaring off against each other.

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ALL OF THE ABOVE ****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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No Ebon Hawk, but cameo appearnce would be nice.

Characters that i want to return:

- Mission Vao&Zalbarr

-Bao-Dur **SPOIL**hope he didnt die when EH crashes on MV**SPOIL**

-Carth & Bastila

- T3M4

- Atris(yup!)



- Visas


-Female Revan

-Male Exile

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