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of volga the hutt and other questions

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i've completed planets in this order:


dxun and oberon (or whatever)

nar shadarr

and i'm on dantooine (with bar duur and atton in my party)


i had a couple of questions that i can't seem to figure out:


1. i can't get more influence with atton. atton's dialogueis stuck on me asking why he was a sith and he's not willing to talk. any ideas? i tried to gain influence with atton when i tried to heal the sick guy on nar shadarr (i failed) but no influence options opened up. should i go back and try when my heal is higher?


2. volga said he'd trade with telos but i went back to telos to check with the commander and i can't seem to figure out if the deal went down.


3. i need to get more influene with mira but i'm plum out of ideas. she almost excepts my offer to train her. any ideas?



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You should be able to get Mira's maxxed in the first or second convo...


As for the Atton thing: You need to get him maxxed early, or it'll be really tricky later on.


I'm not sure how I managed it on LS, but if you take Atton and help/kill all of the people living at the docks with JUST him (for a few times, then bring Visas or maybe Mira), then you can gain influence several times. I messed up on my DS play, because I was too 'involved' with Visas and DS Mastery for her...

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thanks! i guess i'll just have to see if atton trains. mira is being a pain too. it sucks that it's so hard to get them to train. i did get the handmaiden to though. oh well, if it doesn't work this time i'll just have to try it again next time.


thanks for the volga help too!

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If you're on Dantooine, you can gain influence with Atton by:


1) Using the {aware} line on the man near the Ebon Hawk and then following this up with the {persuade} line.


2) Before you give the atmospheric sensors to the man near the stationary speeder, have Bao-Dur (or yourself) (This requires +5 awareness) open them up to discover what they're really used for. Then tell the man you know what they contain. When he offers 5,000 credits instead, refuse, and accept 3,000. Atton gains influence from this.


3) Don't turn Akkare in when you find his hydrospanner, but instead show compassion. I *think* this gains you influence with Atton.


Also, to turn Mira into a Jedi, go back to Nar Shaddaa and run around the main area until you come to near the cantina entrance. She should automatically stop and a conversation should present itself.

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WIth Mira exhaust all the convo options, but do it on Nar Shadaa just outside the area with the red doors that lead to the cantina and pazaak den. Its the place where kreia tells you to listen.


I tried that once and it didn't work. I had to talk to Mira on the Ebon Hawk for that particular option to open up. Interestingly it was also the only time I've triggered Mira and Handmaiden talking about men.


It's amusing in a perverse way that I'm getting some increased replayability because of the bugs in the game. ;-) I never quite know what dialogs or events are going to happen...

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