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Romance with Bao-Dur UNLOCKED!

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Waits patiently for whatever it is to load.............



............Is still waiting



Is now getting annoyed..................


Says F it, and shuts the screen down.



Wait. You will laugh your head off/fall off your chair.



KotOR II: After the Credits Rolled: Read

Force Sight: Read


Gaming Blog: Read

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Still not loading, this is so very annoying.

If you are using Internet Explorer, watch the small progress bar that appears at the bottom of the page when you open the link... and only start clicking on the dialogue lines once it disappears ^^;;

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Well, I waite duntil now, and it never got pass 5 bars , ye sI run IE, and nope, I neve rhave had thsi problem before, I run a Pent 4 with  high speed cable internet connected to my comp by ethernet.  This is just odd.

Hmm i just tried it now and it loaded really quick, like... 5-6 bars in maybe 10 secs and then it was all done and ready ... maybe you were just unlucky and refreshing the page will help. :p


Oh and once it loads the beginning can be a bit confusing too, when you click on the first dialogue and then when scene changes you need to click on Bao Dur to continue. Took me a while to figure it out the first time :">

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Been sitting here for 1 hour, and it's stuck at 4 bars... I haven't clicked yet.


Try this instead: http://web.telia.com/~u42704646/Kotor/BaoDur.swf


this is direct link to the flash thingie on that page... right-click, "save as..." to your hard-drive, then just drag-and-drop the downloaded file into IExplorer window to view it? this way you can be sure it's completely loaded... ^^;

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