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Anyone else play SWG?

does anyone else play SWG?  

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  1. 1. does anyone else play SWG?

    • Yes
    • No
    • did, but quit
    • No, but I want to try it
    • No, It looks really gay
    • No, I dont know anything about it
    • Yes, and It PwNs

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I do, Valcyn Server... and will be for life


No, but feel free to share whatever you want to about the game.


There is/was an SWG thread in multiplayer gaming might find some more people there.

I have to agree with Volourn.  Bioware is pretty much dead now.  Deals like this kills development studios.


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I played it for about 2 months. Really tried to give it a chance. Decided that watching paint dry was more entertaining, and cheaper to boot.


I thought that with a skills-based rather than level-based system, they would get away from the grind. But all I found was people grinding their little hearts out, and the level of role-playing was pathetically low. What's the point?


In any level-grinding game, the advantage will tip toward people who have no life. That's just the way it is. If you have a job, a family, a significant other, a circle of friends ... anything that demands that you limit your gameplay, you will be out-ground by the people who can sit and play all day.

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Expensive, Horrible Lag Time, annoying people. I have it but quit. WoW is just so much better :thumbsup:

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lol you should come back and try all the new changes if you haent already.  Also with the CURB and Kasshyk patch coming out it will be a whole new game. :shifty:


I hadn't heard of the "Kashyyyk patch", but after reading about it, I'm even more determined not to return to SWG. This "patch" costs $25, and includes Jump to Lightspeed, which I paid good money for and newcomers can apparently now get for free. I'm sure as hell not going to support a company that treats it's customers like that.

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Nope. Was tempted to try the free 14 day trial offer I keep getting in emails. I can't remember signing up for a monthly newsletter, but apparently I did. I decided against it when I heard that the game is pretty much complete crap.

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I played the beta. Like a lot of other beta testers, I didn't see how the game could possibly be considered ready for release, by end of beta. Wasn't surprised to hear a lot of people complaining about content and the monotony of combat-oriented play, as of release. I neither loved nor did I hate, the game. I've heard it's improved. But it's not really my thing. If I go back to an MMORPG, it'll be either AC1 or DAOC.

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I played SWG, even was in beta test. When FFXI came out on PC I completely abandoned SWG. FFXI had substance, a storyline, and best of all, was Final Fantasy.


But I was driven to quit FFXI about seven months later because 95% of the Japanese player base didn't want anything to do with NA players, and when I reached level 50 I could not advance at all because there was simply no groups I could join. And all thew storyline stuff I bought the game for was pretty much off limits unless you were at least level 60. So I got frustrated and quit a game I had been waiting 2 years for. :'( <_< :thumbsup::) :'(


Now I play EQ2, which has been good so far. I still regret wasting about a year of my life on SWG (beta and post-launch), and wistfully lament the way FFXI turned out.

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I managed to break away from everquest, and it was hard. I broke away from everquest 2 because I found it lacking in so many ways. Since then, it has crossed my mind many times to reinstall everquest but I just figured it was too pathetic.


I'm free from the MMORPG addiction and I'd rather not go back, though after playing Kotor2 I thought about trying SWG, just for a moment, but I definitely did. I don't think that's gonna happen though, there comes a time in one's life when you realise you can't play MMORPGs anymore, it's kinda like boose or cigarettes.

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