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Favorite party members

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The Exile doesn't need any help since even soloing on 'difficult' is pathetically easy. So I usually select party members for their amusement value.


If the game had a 'difficult' setting and I were heading into a sticky situation I'd pick T3 and Visas to complement my Guardian - T3 as the ultimate techie and mobile workbench, Visas for stealth and versatility. The droids can be made rather tough and with good blasters they can have insane damage output that Jedi can only surpass by using the Force (AOE attacks or buffs/forms that grant additional attacks over and above Dual-Wielding + Master Flurry/Rapid Shot). Visas is a Sentinel but at least she is a full Jedi; she does not have to excel at anything as long as she can provide good support.


Kreia is also a full Jedi but she's handicapped. And the other characters make good Force-enhanced specialists/fighters but never a good Jedi, since you get them too late and in a messed state except maybe Atton. Pity that party members can't take a prestige class, though. At least Deekin could become a Red Dragon Disciple if you wished ...


Be that as it may, in some situations it can be advantageous to have Kreia and T3 tag along, simply because only Kreia can give you your prestige class and only Kreia can upgrade the $YOURNAME crystal, which needs to be taken out of the lightsabre for this. Otherwise it can happen that you can never upgrade the crystal fully, because sometimes you don't get a chance to speak with Kreia for long stretches of time and many levels unless she is in your party. If you have talked all your party members to death then it doesn't matter anyway who's parked at the entrance to the current level. :)


P.S.: and if the game had a real hard difficulty setting I'd probably pick Kreia, because then I could put some real heavy armour on the Exile and have Kreia do the buffing via Force link. May also be a good idea for people who botched their builds, especially during early levels.

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I always had Atton with me, but wasn't really crazy about anyone else... it wasn't like kotor 1 where I really loved having both Carth and Jolee in my team all the time.

I usually had Kreia just because she was kinda the default.

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Well, even though I already made a post like this, I *always* had Visas with me, except for some reason I thought I wouldnt get any party members while asult the Onderon Palace, so I sent her to lead the other attack on Dxun, and that gave Bao-dur his only assignment other than when your HAVE to take him obviously.


That said the other slot would be used by whatever skill I happened to need, Atton for security or demolitions, T3 for repair and computer use, or HK47 for ass kicking.


By the way, Hanharr gets no love either. Does ANYONE like him? I feel ripped off I never got to kill him.

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From a duplicate thread:


Favourites as in on board the Ebon hawk or favourite "away team" ? Makes quite a difference.


I love the discussions with Kreia, but she always stays on the Hawk. It reduces the xp I get.


When going away, I usually take Hanharr and T3. The little Tin Can is just a main battle tank on wheels ;)


Probably two of my favourites too anyway.


Least use... would be Goto and Handmaiden. Goto just has that "feel" that there is something missing to his purpose in the game and Handmaiden, despite using Lingerie of Mass Seduction DC20 and a nice voice, I find little use for her. Hanharr is just more interesting.

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You actually LIKE Hanharr?  ;)


Visas  :p  (w00t)

Hanharr was an awesome character. So much anger in one pelt :cool:


The way he elaborated on how he killed his own people, starting with the children, staring them in the eyes when he strangled the life out of the kids so they may know why they were to die for his hand, then moving on to murder the adults etc.


Thats one angry wookie, unlike the tribe of whiny whimps from the first game. Besides, dual wielding Gamorrean battleaxes and with wookie fury, nothing stands alive when he's done :)

“He who joyfully marches to music in rank and file has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would surely suffice.” - Albert Einstein

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Ya murdering children always gives characters a certain amount of depth

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I tended to use Kreia, Atton, T3 and Bao-Dur most, because I found them earlier and there's more of a sense of being on an epic journey with these characters. Depending on the planet order you choose, some of the other characters just turn up too late to arouse the same interest.

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It depends on when and where. On Telos I always have Kreia in my party since I want to get a lot of XP till I get to pick a Prestige class which I would like to have before battling my way through Jekk Jekk Tarr (Nar Shaddaa is my favorite and almost always first planet).

After I got my Prestige Class my favorite party members are:








One party member which stays on the ship all the time: Goto. I always take his upgrades out of him to make more components or to sell them.

I wish I could make him too mad at me so he would attack me and I could use Destroy Droid on this thing.

Well that said, what did Atton do when he became Jedi and stayed on the Ebon Hawk while we were on Dxun / Onderon the first time?

I bet he enjoyes the Destroy Droid power and the Firkrann Crystal to destroy the droids only to wait while Bao Dur repaires them again.


Another skipped scene

Master Vandar lives!

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I always had Atton with me. In fact, the only times I didn't was when I went to get that info on him from those Twi'leks (and then left the area and put him right back on my team where he belonged); and when the party gets split up, I had him lead the Dxun party while I was on Onderon. The rest of the time he was right behind me (Atton in Jedi robes has got to be the hottest thing ever).


In fact, I was really annoyed when I was forced to use Visas and Mandalore on the Ravager... Mandalore I was fine with, but I wanted Atton with me, dammit! And even though I selected him to be in my party, they kicked him off. I don't LIKE Visas at ALL. I could have easily done without her altogether.


The other person I'd use would vary... though I'd generally fall back on Mandalore.

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Whenever possible, I had Kreia with me, not only for the XP bonus but because of the Force Chain. The remaining slot is usually filled by whoever I need to gain influence with for a given planet.


Of course, if you're asking which one I like best (as opposed to which ones I kept with me), I'd have to say Vista and Atton.


The most intersting character, by far (IMHO) is Hanharr, though. You can't really like him, but I have to give props to Obsidian for creating a character that is truely twisted. :thumbsup:

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I always have Atton in my party unless forced to do otherwise, then I usually switch between HK-47, Kreia and Bao-Dur for my second companion.


My favorite two are probably Atton and Bao-Dur, I enjoy their dialogs and I think they've got great/useful skills. Disciple gets the pick if I'm in need of an excellent melee character.

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