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The Bao-Dur Poll

What do you think of Bao-Dur after playing the game?  

159 members have voted

  1. 1. What do you think of Bao-Dur after playing the game?

    • I like the Tech Specialist class
    • Can his voice possibly get any softer?
    • Relatively pointless beyond his skills
    • He's so horny.... *rimshot*
    • I want to have his alien-human baby!
    • Why did I ever train him as a Jedi........
    • I still don't get the thing with mass shadow generator.....
    • Bao-dur? Please, his Remote is ten times as sexy......
    • Oh yeah, that guy I never used past Telos........
    • Weakling!

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I liked him possible my fav character, if he talked a bit more. He did suck at combat to start with but improved. The thing that really sucked is he could not wear robes or the amours that did not restrict force powers.

Another great idea by the people who brought you beer milkshakes!


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I loved Bao-Dur. His arm against force fields, his repair skills, and a Jedi... every great little talent rolled into an Iridorian with a great voice. :lol:


He would've been a good romance. He would've struggled with "The General" and "The Exhile" feelings. You know?



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He is only good for making shield which I can then use to breakdown into components. Heehee...


He talks so soft like as if he has a sore throat, cannot wear Jedi Robes and can't hit the side of a bantha with a blaster at point blank range.


I never bring him along in my party unless there is a door that needs opening or a mine to be defused.

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he certainly wasn't very strong compared to handmaiden, exile (of course), mandalore, or hanharr. But, i gotta say, i did appreciate the respect he gave me 'yes general?' And What he says when you go into combat is by far the best combat quote ("Take him down" - its only good because of his voice)

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I love his voice :D and I think he is a great charactor but having his baby is a little.... uhhh wierd :shifty: I cant seem to turn him into a jedi.. Is tier any specific point in the game where I can get som sort of dialog option with him? After I talk to him about what he has been up to and such, my only dialog option is "Nevermind" .... I wanna see him wielding lightsabers ;)

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