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If you could help with this, that would be awesome.


I got the game (finally!) and installed it like it told me to. My brother got to the game before me and started a game, which seemed to work fine until you get to the point where you're just controlling the droid, when it got wierd and jumpy. So that was weird.


So I decided to start my own game. I got my character all made up like I wanted him. So I hit 'Play'. The movie starts, the words scroll by like they do in every Star Wars movie. Then the screen swerves over to watch the Ebon Hawk, damaged, floating to Peragus. The camera catches the planet with the core showing and everything nice and neat, and the video fades out (I guess it's supposed to do that). Then, once it fades out, the game freezes. Once I realize it's not doing anything, I hit alt+F4, which doesn't do anything. Then I hit ctrl+alt+del, which brings up the task manager. It shows KotOR II as 'Not Responding', so I hit 'End Task', ending the game. Once I get out, the taskbar at the bottom of the Windows screen is gone, and it won't come back. So I tell the computer to restart, and repeat the process, and so the thing happens again.


I then resolve to uninstall and reinstall it. So I uninstall it, removing my brother's game, and then reinstall it. It still messes up. I've tried being female, doing a quick character, setting everything to default, etc. It still doesn't work. And in the reinstallation, for some reason the uninstall protocall didn't download, so I can't uninstall it.


If you could help, that'd be great.


512 MB RAM

2.8 GHz Pentium IV Processor

115 GB free on my hard drive

RADEON X300 Series

Windows XP Media Center Edition

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You my friend are another victim of a bugged up game :-

The only thing you can do is wait until Obsidian comes out with their patch, which doesn't look like soon. I run a high end computer as well, but the game gets choppy and unplayable in some areas. I've also had a lot of freezing lately <_<

We can only hope this patch will come out soon :p

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Or maybe even downgrade the drivers. nvida's 66 drivers have caused a lot of trouble for some recent games, lately.

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I'm pretty sure it freezes after every movie. The videos get unlocked once to get to the point in the game where they show, so you can click movies in the main menu, and watch the ones you missed. You'll have to uncheck the disable movies to do that, though. And it will freeze after watching one, so it's really annoying if there's serveral you want to watch. I'm hoping the patch will fix this.

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Yeah, I had to play through the first half of the game with no movies, as every movie crashed the game, if not the system. Then half way through the game, they started not crashing my system anymore, once I decided to underclock my ATI 9700 Pro to improve stability, and it provided sufficient stability to play movies. Kind of sad, that I need to underclock my video card to play, though. For some reason, all my other 3D games, some of which have more demanding engines, run stably. KotOR 2 only runs stably underclocked.

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I e-mailed the tech support people, and they told me to go to the .ini file and under [Graphics] put Disable Vertex Buffer=1 . This stopped the crashing movies. But unfortunately, it may have had the side effect of randomly freezing my computer when it forces me to make a party change. I choose the people, hit ok, then hit it again, and the computer just completely freezes. But it has movies now, so I'm happier!

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