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Alignement bug ?

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I don't know if anyone's noticed this, I'm playing the game with a DS consular, and I'm striving to keep my allies on the dark side.


But I swear that, whenever I quickload in-game(and yes, this is after quicksaving my progress and influence), the alignement of my allies always tends to shift back towards the light side, not much, but some, what the hell is that about. I thought only my actions could modify their alignements, this is as though their alignement shifts for nothing at all.


I know this game is really designed to be played by a goody two shoes character, but I'd just like to say that playing it DS requires that you watch your dialog and the way you conduct quests very carefully in order to maintain influence, your alignement and your allies alignements, it's a painstaking process that REALLY dosen't need to be insidiously ruined by some quirk or bug of the game.


Has anyone else experienced this ? it is most annoying, I don't know if this "LS pull" is a feature or a bug in the game, but I demand that it be cut out by the patch.

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I didn't have that problem in my DS game.


If your influence is high, whenever your own alignment shifts much from getting DS/LS points (either way), theirs will too (if you have a lot/max influence they seemed to match your own all the time) - if you're quicksaving and immediately reloading, then it sounds like a bug.


Otherwise it could just be some kind of minor delay in showing their reaction to some recent change in your own alignment.

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I have noticed a similar prblem...


If you buff up on force powers and quick save before a tough fight... the powers you have cast sometimes wear off extreamly fast or at the time the game is loaded...


Which is pretty annoying since your have to cast the powers every time... refering to force valor, speed ect...

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i have one bug! when i land on nar shadda, i noticed that atton got alot of DS! but my character is LS(full) but i didn't see the character sheet, but i know because his face became cracked like DS when i have a conversation on him!! is this normal or just me?? this game had alot of bugs

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Only allignment problem I've had is that when T3 is full LS, he's shown on screen with the red, dark background...


Know what you mean (see avatar), he has also very dark black smoke taking up 75% of the screen.

I also had a problem of a DS Hanharr being pink/purple-like (not the back, Hanharr himself!) during a level up. That was a very odd graphical bug though, no alligment bug.

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Yes, I also noticed this problem... and it doesn't only occur when you're DS, the opposite happens when you're LS (for instance, Atton's alignment will drop down a notch toward DS). I've finished the game twice, once as LS and once as DS, and both times I encountered the same bug. It's not a permanent change though, cause every time I'd level up, Atton's (and whomever's) alignment would get right back up (or down) to where it should be.


But yeah, kind of annoying. At times I was wondering if I was losing influence without being notified.


It doesn't necessarily revert right back to where it was originally though. It only slips a bit... and like I said, as soon as you'd level up, the alignment would get back to where it should be.

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BTW, can Hanharr be trained to become a jedi ? That'd be pretty cool but from what I know of star wars or kotor, wookies can't become jedi, is there an exception in Hanharr's case ?


No. They wanted to make it possible but something George did nixed the idea.

I have to agree with Volourn.  Bioware is pretty much dead now.  Deals like this kills development studios.


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Also ran into it, hope I diddnt miss out on anything. I had fairly high Visas influence (I dont thinkmax, but maybe) and i was a few notches ahead of her on the DS scale, but she got the sparks first... Then again she is the only influence I really give a hoot about, but still I dont want to miss anything.


And if tou ask me, Wookies are too stupid to be Jedi's, although thinking about it I thought there was some force sensetive wooke (at least) in one of the books.

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