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Lightsaber colors for NPC's

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I always choose lightsabers judging by the personalities of the characters.

What colors do you put on what characters?



I do:


Exile - Green


Atton - Violet


Bao-Dur - Blue


Visas - Red


Handmaiden - Blue


Kreia - Yellow


Mira - Green

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I did...


Exile <me> - Single hilt > Silver

Atton - Single hilt > Yellow

Mira - Single hilt > Purple

Visas - Double Bladed > Red

Handmaiden - Double Bladed > Blue

Bao-Dur - Single hilt > Cyan

Kreia - Single hilt (ofcourse) > Green


Not much into dual weild ^_^

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Guest Damar Stiehl

Exile: Silver and Viridian.

Bao-Dur: Double-bladed Cyan.

Atton: Yellow and Yellow.

Handmaiden: Silver and Silver.

Mira: Single Viridian.

Kreia: Single Green.

Visas: Red and Red.

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I have no specific color, I tend to try to match their other colors (robes or armor). Other than Bao-Dur usually ending up with a blue, Visas with a purple and Mira with a green, I don't really have anything specific. I'm trying to avoid giving Kreia the stereotypical red one, but it tends to end up like that anyway.

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Exile -> Two Single Bladed Silver

Visas -> Double Bladed Yellow

Kreia -> Single Bladed Green

Handmaiden -> Double Bladed Blue

Atton -> Single Bladed Yellow

Bao Dur -> Single Bladed Blue


'cause I really don't like Mira I haven't even talked to her... ^^'''

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I tend to be narcissistic and everyone but the Exile gets a red saber. That way my character tends to have a different color than every else in the game, friend or foe.


But because I'm also slightly obsessive compulsive, I sometimes give the NPCs unique colors so that it's easier to know who's saber belongs to who when I'm upgrading from the Ebon Hawk. So:


Atton: Blue Single

Kreia: Yellow Single

Mira: Orange/Bronze (whichever comes first) Single

Handmaiden: Silver Double

Bao-Dur: Cyan Single

Disciple: Violet Single

Exhile: Viridian/Silver Dual Wield

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Exile: Single Silver

Visas: Red, and short orange in offhand (orange looks cool hehe)

Bao Dur: Single Blue

Atton: double violet

Handmaiden: Double blue

Kreia: She gets a lousy vibroblade and is stuffed away on the Ebon hawk because I hate her.

Mira: single green.





I notice I am not the only one who doesn't immediately go with dual weilding sabres. Is that because there are so few of them to go around or because it is preference?



I seem to do much better with a single light sabre. I take less damage, though it does take longer to kill enemies I get more time to mess about with force powers. My sabre is used mainly as an alternative way to attack force resistant enemies hehe.


I have a choice, cut 6 guys up with 2 sabres or kill them all by using force lightning twice.... choices :p

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  • Exile ---> One Silver, One Blue

  • Visas ---> Double Bladed Purple

  • Handmaiden --->Double Balded Cyan

  • Mira ---> Double Bladed Orange

  • Bao Dur ---> Unarmed repulsorfist (with unequiped Single Bronze)

  • Atton --->Double Bladed Yellow

  • Kreia ---> Single Green


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Exile: Blue and Green (Balance)

Handmaiden: Blue (Guardian)

Kreia: Purple (Bad @$$ color, fits her 'plot')

Visas: Yellow (Redeemed)


I think that's all I've used that I remember. I really wish I found a Silver and a cyan, those are my 2 favorite...

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-Obi-wan to Anakin (NOT advocating Grey-Jedidom)


"The Force doesn't control people, Kreia controls people."

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If all goes well, this time it should be:


Exile: Double red.

Brianna: Standard red, short red

Atton: Double red.

Bao-Dur: Single standard red.

Mira: Double red.

Kreia: Single standard red.

Visas: Standard red, short red.



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I use whatever the game decides to offer me. <_<

I gave Disciple a purple double-blade, because the game seemed obsessed with giving me purple.


But I do like to make sure no one else has whatever color I chose for myself.

And giving Atton one red and one white seemed symbolic of his dual nature (hard/detached & caring/littleboylost) to me. Not that I had him using sabers much.


I avoid green. I don't like green.

“Things are as they are. Looking out into the universe at night, we make no comparisons between right and wrong stars, nor between well and badly arranged constellations.” – Alan Watts
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For some bizarre reason I could never discern, every single lightsaber that I found on my first run through the game, completely without fail, was Purple.


But we were the best party of purple jedi you'll ever have met.

Feel free to steal this sig.

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Exile: Violet

Kreia: Silver (if PC female), Viridian (if PC male)

Atton: Orange and Green

Bao-Dur: Cyan

Handmaiden: Silver (double)

Disciple: Viridian (double)

Visas: Bronze (double)

Mira: Yellow and Blue

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Exile = Silver and Cyan

Atton = Red

Mira = i dont know if she could be a jedi???

Visas = Red (the original)

Handmaiden = blue (Jedi guardian)

Kreia = Orange, it's quite good at looking at her with orange LS

Bao-dur = i failed to teach him the way of jedi!!! i think cyan is great

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When DS


exile= red or orange

Mira = violet

Visas = double bladed red

Atton = red

Bao Dur = silver

Kreia = blaster pistol.


When LS


exile = green

Mira = blue or violet

Visas = double bladed red

Atton = blue or cyan

Bao Dur = yellow

And by the light of the moon

He prays for their beauty not doom

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Jeez, am I the only one who hated the silver crystal?



LS playthrough (haven't finished DS yet, but there will be more red sabers then)

Exile: Orange

Handmaiden: Double-bladed Cyan or Violet

Atton: Green or Violet

Bao-Dur: Blue

Visas: Single red and the Nadd-saber

Mira: Viridian

Kreia: Yellow

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Exile - changing all the time, near the end of the game blue and green for my two sabers

Atton - two sabers red and purple

Kreia - single blade green

Bao-Dur - single blade orange

Handmaiden - double blade silver

Visas - single blade red

Mira - double blade yellow

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