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Why does KOTOR 3 need a new engine anyway? I like it the way it is. Maybe with a few tweaks but thats all. Who cares if it isn't advanced? Super Mario Bros 3 isn't advanced but people still love it.


I'm inclined to agree. I associate the KotOR engine with the storyline and gameworld now. Making an Unreal3 engine or HL2 engine KotOR would make it feel like a different world.


I would like to see improvements in texture resolution, and the creation of new models and textures, but I don't see that this would necessitate an entirely new engine which changes the feel of the world completely from what we're familiar with.

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well according the site ep. 3 the game comes out the 5 of may. when is e3?

May 18th-20th 2005. (w00t)


But just to be sure, is that the Ep. III movie release or the Ep. III game release?


I remember hearing that the game was going to come out a week before the movie, so that should be about right.

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yea i remember hearing that lego game....doubt i'd would play it. a article i read starwarsknights.com said they may show video of kotor 3 at e3. but they got that off some site. i never heard don't mean much. i really took interested in kotor after i got kotor bout a month ago. after the first one i was hooked. this is only series side wc i really follow now.

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