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Favorite 8-bit nintendo games, top 8

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In no particular order, the hardest thing I'll do all week:


Bubble Bobble

Super Tecmo Bowl

Life Force


Metal Gear

Castlevania 2: Simons Quest

Legend of Zelda

Legend of Zelda: The Adventures of Link


I know I'm forgetting something and will kick myself later.


My three, cheating, honorable meantions:



Paper Boy

Super Mario 3

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Crash and the Boy's Street Challenge was a lot of fun.

Like konami's olympic button mash games but with art like river city ransom, and you could sabotage you're opponent in alot of the heads up challenges...


Simon's quest was awesome. I also liked Castlevania 3(i think) with Sypha, Grant and Alucard as aquirable characters...


Edit Clash at Demonhead was a very cool nintendo game with inventory and aquired skills, supersuits and weapons you used to explore the rather large game world like a funky metroid.

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Ninja Gaiden 1 & 2: Jump and Slash!


Super Mario 3: What was the Mario that could turn into stone? Tanooki?


Contra and Super C : Spread Gun plus rapid fire=awesome


Double Dragon 2= Hurrican Kick!


Excitebike=Building my own long and convoluted Track


Wizards and Warriors=I remember renting this and had a great time


Megaman 1 & 2 : Anyone remember the Elecman cheat?


Mike Tyson's Punch out: Just plain fun. I think Super Macho man was gay.


Batman: Hey, you're Batman!


Blaster Master: : loved the jumping tank and the cool Boss battles


Life Force...awesome just awesome, I prefered the laser guns


Wow...those were some good times

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Bionic Commando - way superior to the arcade version


Clash at Demonhead - it has a skeleton named Tom Guycott as one of the main bad guys.. what can I say?


Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom - nice little adventure game in the vein of Deja Vu


Sweet Home - sweet game. Fan translation.. horror/rpg which is creepier than Resident Evil, go figure.


Ice Climber - I loved the arcade game


Castlevania 2: Simons Quest - why dont they produce another Castlevania game like this?


Batman - I loved the music to this game


River City Ransom - damn, this game is so fun


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Battletoads and Double Dragons :(


........the memories.....anthropomorphic frog people whaling on eachother...

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I'll just name my top two:


Zelda II: I'm a big fan - very underrated game, which got less credit than it deserved for doing something new and adventurous instead of rehashing the same formula. Better RPG elements, larger and more complex gameworld, and incredible music.


Metroid: The sheer platforming fun of this game, for me, is virtually unparalleled. Some people prefer Super Metroid, but I prefer the original, for a few reasons: crisper, more clearly defined animations and none of those cheesy, grainy explosions every time you kill an enemy.

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