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Sweetest Kotor 2 character? BESIDES REVAN!

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Guest MacLeodCorp

I think Jolee is the coolest. He lives like Yoda... :)


Edit: I didn't see the word 'KotOR 2'


In that case: Mira is the sweatest. To me, the character has more depth. Plus, she is easy on the eyes... Hehehe... :)


Plus, when you convert Mira, she breaks to your will.


Oh man! I need to get away from the computer...

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What exactly is ment by "sweet"?


A character that fits my views of sweet is HK from both K1 and K2, mainly because of the humor and less for his battle skills.


Other sweet characters because of thier stats mainly are Kreia, T3, Handmaiden, Canderous(Mandalore), Mira, and Jolee.

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This thread is a big "hey, f*** you!" to the humanity's intelligence.


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What exactly is ment by "sweet"?


Back when I thought a 25 year old man talking like a 13 year old was cool, I started this thread. Hence, the "sweetest" suggests "coolest". :thumbsup:


Oh, and yeah, now I've actually reached a decision this time 'round. Sion for teh win!11!

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Seriously, only like, three people can touch my body

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Darth Nihilus and Sion was orignally supposed to do battle, and Nihilus would win.


I choose Nihilus :)


Anyhow, whats with all these posts? There all the same to me, who is the best, who is the hottest, who is the sweetest. boring :)

Shane Tyduk

Some awesome title name here


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