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er... wtf is with this Disciple? I played male DS and tried to get the bastard to come in my party, supposing it's the one in the Jedi Dantooine library, but had no dialog options. who is this this disciple anyway, and how do you get him to join your party?

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I always thought he resembled a young Harrison Ford myself.



Harrison Ford would kick your ass for that,

People laugh when I say that I think a jellyfish is one of the most beautiful things in the world. What they don't understand is, I mean a jellyfish with long, blond hair.

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well theres absolutely nothing wrong with Disciple... As long as he looks like he does in Aimo's sketches.... grrrowlll o:)


Now if you could only remove the anoying whiney part and replace it with an Atton, Carth mix with a splash of Candy and Bao thrown in for good measure we're set! ;)

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