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Well, I'm new to these forums and uh... here's some stuff that I drew up a while ago... Note that none of these people were actually in the game... It was just some stuff I drew to pass the time. Basically, I drew it, inked it, and scanned it in Photoshop. This was my 2nd attempt using Photoshop.




post-11438-1110414509_thumb.jpg post-11438-1110414456_thumb.jpg


WOW! Those are really good... Keep up the good work! (I liked the style)

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No, Mira's not anime-style...just a generic cartoon-style I've been drawing for years. Her face is perhaps a little too generic, though I went through sheets of paper trying to make it slightly resemble her. I think it'd show better if I were to do a larger version...I can't work very well on faces when I draw them so small.


But, glad you like :D

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Oh - a tip for anyone using photoshop:


Set all colourd layers to multiply. This allows you to 'colour' under and between the black lines without any white pixels marring the edges.


Janson, thanks for the tips, I'll put them to good use. Right now, I'm working on a Rockman Exe Pic, (it's almost done) and I'm also working on a Dark Templar (Starcraft) vs. Covenant Elite w/ a Sword (Halo) I've always wondered though... who'd win?


Anrgy Tarsier, Thanks and uhm... I didn't check the size... I'll check later.


Bodrock, I agree, I wish the one of the asian PCs had that hair of the Light Jedi...


Oh and thanks to everyone for the positive feedback! Really appreciate it!! :lol:

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