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bad ending

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Nobody undestood why the hell the ending is so rushed and incoherent. I hope this will be fixed in the incoming patch.


That pretty much sums it up, unfortunately.


There was just to much cut and development rushed that this is one of those RPGs that literally cuts its replay value in half because even if you play as a DS (if you played LS first) a second time through... The ending is still messed up and the "plot" makes no real sense so why go through it a second time at all?

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im so f---ing sick of idiots  posting how bad the game/ending is and how it could be better and how much OE sucks and how Bioware could have done better....just so f---ing irritating..arent there any threads actually worth viewing?1


So you understood the ending? Want to explain to everyone else? How many play overs did it take for you to understand the ending?

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i didn't understand the ending scene when you fly off into that space gooey


i never understood why gretchen didn't escape together with faust at the end of act 1

Lois: Honey, what do you say we uh...christen these new sheets, huh?

Peter: Why Lois Griffin, you naughty girl.

Lois: Hehehe...that's me.

Peter: You dirty hustler.

Lois: Hehehehe...

Peter: You filthy, stinky prostitute.

Lois: Aha, ok I get it...

Peter: You foul, venereal disease carrying, street walking whore.

Lois: Alright, that's enough!

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