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It seems to me, of all the Jedi Masters, Lonna Vash and Nar Shadaa's Jedi Master (can't remember name) are more sympathetic to you, Vrook and Atris are against, and Kavar is right in the middle.


NS Jedi Master is obviously sympathetic to you, considering the fact he thought what the Council did was wrong; and the fact he understand you had to do what you did.


Lonna Vash, (if you read the hidden files in dialog.tlk, and take a look at unused sound files( is also very sympathetic to you, and she feels that you had at lteast the right the right to know the truth.


Vrook obviously hates you. Even when you are in the path of the light, ihe only stubbornly admits that you are on his side. Even then, he is condescending, arrogant, and obvously contemptous. He considers you unworthy of being a Jedi,.


Atris, also shows the same feelsing, but as we might see later on, it regret/jealousy of not going to worry with you.


None iof these really follow the Jedi code completely. They also show some semblance of emotion, whenever it was regret, contempt , passion, empathy, sympathy, hatred.


This leads me to Kavar. The only true Jedi Master. He follows the code loyally, and beleives in it, but has made sure he didn't stray from it. For the jedi code is hard to follow, because you must remove evertyhing you have to be that made you human.


Now, the argument is, should you "fall" to the light side, or shall you rather stay human, like Jolee did? I feel the bigger issue is, is there a midpoint in being Jedi and follow your following your feelings?


Well, enough typing for me.



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I HATE THEM ALL! Actually, I like them a lot more than I did in the original, even Vrook.


Kavar is my favorite, though. Vash would be up there, if she wasn't lying in a pool of blood.

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I really liked Kavar, and the NS master to a slightly lesser degree. And then the LS meeting on Dantooine happened, and I wasn't as happy with them any more.


As for Vrook... Well, I'm playing a DS character now and I'm REALLY looking forward to Dantooine.


As for Vash, I haven't read the stuff with her that was cut, so I know her only as a corpse.

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I forget.


But I do know that she and NS are more sympathetic to you.


I know for a fact that, Kavar completely follows and believes in the Jedi Code, and actually isn't arorgant like Atris and Vrook are; it seems he's actually being self-vigilant.


However, his beliefe in the Jedi code makes him unable to accept you, even if you are on the path of the light. I think he has nothing against the Exile personally, but the has to follow the code.

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What file are the cut conversations with Vash in?


When looking in the STREAMVOICES folder, a lot of the cut ending files are in the later folders about the 900 mark. I can't remember the exact folder number for Vash but I did I search for "vash" in filenames and it comes up.


I think Vrook is naturally untrustworthy of any Jedi who have a right to be unsure about. He had reasons to not trust Revan and probably even more reasons to not trust you.


I would've also liked to see Atris be one of the good guys, especially with the unique artic themed robe - but no, she *had* have a crush on you and got jealous because of Handmaiden Brianna.


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