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Anybody miss female Revan's underwear?


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The female Exile gets stuck with that boring brown suit... what a disappointment. :(


I wish I could find a way to change it back to Revana's sexay red Scoundrel bathing suit... and it seems the current underwear is the same mesh as it, only re-textured...

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Is there a Victoria's secret brand in a long time ago, in galaxy far, far away?

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Bastilas Angry Underwear .



Good times, good times...


Yeah. Good time, really. :cool:


For watching undress character...It's just my curiousity, sir.

Nothing further. :-"

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i used to....then i realized thats kinda gay....i mean wtf y undress ur gf when u could go to a prty, get wasted and see a couple girls make out in a bathtub....  :thumbsup: ....hangovers tho...


You don't necessarily have to go to a party to do that...Just skip the booze and all the unnecessary people you meet at the party, and voila! M

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