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ok my question is ... why was atton locked up on peragus... was he the one that Coorta contacted to sell the exile on Nar shadaa.. and when he was found out about they imprisoned him??? cuz he doest ever say why he was locked up... at least not to a male exile...


Atton I don't think ever really addresses that question. He just says he was imprisoned for some trumped up regulation or another. Mm, knowing Atton it was probably for sexually harassing the administrator's wife or getting kinky with the ladies. Sorry that I couldn't be of further assistance ;)

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I don't think Atton was the contracter that Coorta would've picked had he've sold the Exile. Atton I think was locked up before the Exile was stranded on Peragus. The Exile was there for three days before the whole mining organics enchilada spilled out. People can live I think only for three days without water...and longer without food. So, yes I am lead to believe that Atton was there and locked up before the Exile even got to the scene. Besides, it was some form of regulation. I don't think selling a Jedi to the Exchange would bust a regulation, as I doubt many Jedi (if any) would visit Peragus.

As to why he was there..., he might have caused some trouble on Nar Shadaa (as he seems to have a knack for) and could've been stowing away on a less inhabited planet. Because from what Atton says about Nar Shadaa when you visit it, he seems to adore the place. He was there after the wars and if it was so grand, should've stayed there. But, as I said above I think he got into a spot of trouble and took off. And as is customary when running for your life, you tend to bring a weapon. Now I think he went to Peragus because it is technically in the middle of nowhere (except near Telos...but there are the TSF [Telos Security Force]). And there are no physical sightings of any real law enforcement there. But as you know, (if you talked to Atton about it) regular blasters aren't allowed onto Peragus. Mining lasers are the only thing that you're allowed to have on Peragus in regards to a heated weapon. Besides, how else would Atton know so much about the blaster law there unless he had already been busted for it? ;)


my piece of pie ~ hope this may prove for a more believable instance of his being locked up.

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well It works for me... I assumed myself that it was for the blaster reg....


As for your first comment rose re Atton lock up... Can I be one of those ladies ;)


After all my exile isnt F Revan... there for I wouldnt be cheating on Carth... I could never do that Carth is the one and only!!! hmmm Carth.... :lol:

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I think he says something about how the whole place could explode if someone fired a blaster while drunk, but is quick to assure the PC that HE would never do such a thing.


I suspect he did. Heh.


Dunno why he was there unless he was, as suggested, trying to get lost and Nar Shadaa was not an option for some reason.

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