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Amusing Glitches

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Did you all think the DS faces wee a bit over the top in KOTOR2? In the original Revan's DS faces were much less.... obvious. And if I remember right, the transition was more gradual.

In my last TSL game my attractive Exile suddenly developed yellow eyes, greying hair, white skin and two enormous black eyes for no real reason half way through a romantic conversation with Atton, as if she was allergic to him.


It was rather too cartoonish. And that goes for DS Kreia, Atton and Bao-Dur too. I think ideally there should be the option to turn this effect on and off.

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Oh, here's another strange thing that happened to me:


Towards the beginning of the game, I went onto my ship, then there was some cutscene with someone. Once I regained control of my character, she was in her skivvies. I checked my inventory, and the clothes that she had been wearing were gone. Never saw them the rest of the game. O.o

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...she was in her skivvies...

Sounds like she got mugged. :)



The cutscene must have used a different set of clothes.


I somehow generated a second Handmaiden's Robe: Her robe disappeared after a spar, so I told her to get dressed (for a change). The first robe appeared again in the inventory after leaving the Ebon Hawk.

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Kreia once clipped into a random area on citadel station, so I switched to her an dall my characters soon followed..... Also, I had master Ze-Kai-Ell whatever speak with Master Kavars voice on Dantooine. ANd I remeber the master say sometyhing about how they felt some bizzare alteration in the force on a variety of planets, then the conversation ended, and they where, standing, yet I got a journal entry (no uber force power), and when I talked to them they dropped and its daid Kreia ha ddraine dtheir force. I also once had the first person view camera mode activated in 3rd person. I tsill had the HUD, but the camera was confined (I could only move it horizontally and vertically in a fixed angle). Fianlly, on Onderon, after defeating Vaklu, my character was still making lightsaberblocking motion w/ his lightsabers (whcih wheer offf) throughout the whole conversation. It looked like he was utilizing 5-pound weights. It was hilarious, he was punching into the air with his lightsabers!

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In my game there is a shopkeeper...

:rolleyes: 40? Certainly puts Handmaiden's heritage to doubt.



Quick loading has more varying results with the models than loading from the main menu. Hence the upright position of those who should be asleep, or dead.



ADD-ON: Kreia's waving about her no-hand keeps getting on my nerves. :thumbsup:

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I am looking through these and laughing my fanny off :luck:


don't remember if anyone mentioned this one:


on Dantooine after defending Khoonda, when Vrook is showing me a

force form (can't remember which one??)


he proceeds to "teach" the form to my character and in the process

beats the stuffing out of one of the guard guys behind my girl

(who is unarmed by the way)


when the scene ended the poor guy fell over dead


I must have laughed for 10 minutes over that one :rolleyes:

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I'm on Malachor V and Mira's just killed Hanharr, but it didn't switch back to the PC. Hell, it didn't even show the cutscene with Hanharr asking Mira to kill him, it just left me with control of Mira. But luckily, the last auto save was on just Telos, before the exile talks to Carth. I still have the other file, however. So, if anyone has any desire to beat the game as Level 35 non-Jedi Mira. Let me know.

The last time I had the Mira/Hanharr confrontation scene, Hanharr didn't even show up. I suppose the moment Kreia turned her back on him, that walking carpet just went back to Shadowlands hunting tach :devil:


However, Mira could waltz right in the Trayus Academy and battle with the Sith assassins there, quite fun actually, although she couldn't go down the Proving Grounds.


Another fun detail that has only happened to me once, was with the HK droid at the Telos base (the one you can repair, although it blows up right away). This time it didn't blow up, it followed me to the reactor and back to the tank droid. It didn't, however, join the fight against the tank droid, so I guess size does matter even with droids.

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The last time I used Handmaiden I put her in the Dancer's Outfit. Then I forgot about her. On Dantooine after Kreia killed the three Jedi Masters, there was a brief scene where the Handmaiden came running towards Kreia. She was in her all-white Handmaiden outfit. Later on when she confronted her sisters, she was back in her Dancer's Outfit. She won. I figured since she was used to fighting naked, it wasn't an issue.

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At the end of the game when I fought Nihilus, I decided to sacrifce Visas to make the fight easier.


After she stabs herself with the lightsaber, I had to simply finish off the dark lord.


The bug occured shortly after I landed the killing blow. He fell over then suddenly got back up....... :thumbsup:


Then there's the sequence when Visas asks "was my sacrifice enough?"

I was laughing so hard because he was still standing..... so no. :huh:


The best bit was when the red lightning comes down and the body disappears standing upright. :thumbsup:

"I tried the most potent Noise Amplification spell once upon a time. Mavellous spell. I could hear the birds speaking to one another in trees over the horizon, I could hear the rustlings as the clouds rubbed against each other in the sky. I could hear the sound a rainbow makes as it arches it's back over the world. Then a dog barked behind me and I burst my left eardrum."

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Both times I played through the game (as a LS female) I got the glitch where T3-M4 was completely lightside, but had a completely darkside background (there's a pic of it in this thread somewhere....)


The only other glitches I got were when I was talking to the squid dude in the refugee sector (I forget his name) and when fighting on citadel station after the enclave.


The first time i had just finished talking to the squid guy, Atton started talking like I had just killed him or something. (always knew he was somewhat crazy)


The second time I was in the middle of a fight with some dark jedi and Disciple says "Why did we do that? He has done nothing to us!" or something like that, and I was like "Disciple, shut up." :D

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the tiret's syndrome and bounty hunter's galore on nar shadda happen's alot to me. Also for those of us who cheat or just use the console, (please don't kill me) i can't even see the bloody thing and whenever i try to use "giveitem a_medium_15" or anyother item cheat i get a sonic detonator with no name and no use but it say's that i have upgrades on it so i can't break it down.

Victor of the 5 year fan fic competition!


Kevin Butler will awesome your face off.

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