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What we REALLY need in KOTOR3

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Lucas doesn't like the idea, but remember Lucas doesn't always approve of everything the EU does. His continuity is the movies, though he approves and helps with the EU from time to time.


So wookies can be Jedi, and Hutts the same in the EU. Just don't exspect to see Hutt and Wookie Jedi in the movies.

Not only that. It also means that from now on, no more Jedi wookies, EU or not. And of course no double-bladed lightsaber wielding slugs either.


Since Lowbacca is returning for the upcoming post NJO series, I don't it means that.


What it means is hes going to be killed. NJO Spoilers!

*Lucas approved Anakin Solo and then after deciding one anakin was enough, had him killed. Course, it was one of the best death scenes ive ever read (Chewies was really great, so was Gandolf's).



Actually your wrong. Lucas approved that Anakin couldn't be the hero, and didn't say anything about killing him off. That was a decision made by the Arthur.


Lowbacca isn't going to be killed. Lucas doesn't really care what the EU does, and will have no reason to kill off a Wookie Jedi. What Lucas means is that no Wookie or Hutt will be a Jedi in the films. However the EU is another question entirely.



Well if Obsidian wasn't allowed to have a wookie Jedi I think it means that this rule stands for EU as well as the films. That much is obvious.

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And contradicts himself about the Force touching all living things  :)


I don't think so, as I understand it the Force is within all living thngs, but not all living things develop the ability to "use" the Force if you will. Just because a Wookie can't use the Force doesn't mean the Force isn't a part of it, remember that the Force is more of an analogy towards the essence of life, basically it is life. The Force is not the abilities the Jedi posses, they are in a sense more evolved thus can use and see other aspects of life others can't. There are plenty of races that can't use the Force in the way the Jedi can, I don't believe it makes a contradiction to the statement that the Force is within everything.


Just my opinion though.


well lucas let that rule be completely broken by letting them make the yuuzhan vong completely untouched by the force

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Darth Vader means "Dark Father" in some Scandinavian language. Lucas was, in the first trilogy retelling a classical "coming of age" myth. Luke's final defeat of his father and becoming a man greater then his father is an archetypal theme in ancient storytelling.


Any other meaning to it, was simply tacked on later as a kludge to try and make the name fit in with the larger universe Lucas found himself in the middle of.


It's fairly easy in world creation whether you're creating a PnP world, a literary world through short stories or novels, or a world viewed in movies and television to give the appearance that there is a great, master plan behind everything. Unfortunately, it is appearance only, X-Files, anyone? The reality is though, that very few can pull it off and even though they may plan to slowly fill in the details, if their creation becomes too popular too fast, then they are put in the position of meeting demand for which they don't have a supply. At that point they must tell the fans to hang on , they're working on it (and not sell anything in the meantime) or give the fans what they want immediately, even if they have to shoehorn the details (and basically receive a license to print money).


Anyone need a hint as to which way ol' George went?

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I've got 1 thing to level about the Hutts in KOTOR1. Supposedly they are immune to Force mind trick, well you know the one on Tatoonie in the Swoop Bike area I kept asking him to give me a discount and then Bastila intervened and said she was getting fed up with this and used Force Persuade on the Hutt and he gave me the discount(at least i think it was something to do with a discount, might have been bout awards).

So wat the heck is up with that???????? :thumbsup:

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How about a droid in your party that could wield a lightsaber?


You want a General Grievous clone. :)


How about a toilet???? Gee with all that running around they never seem to get a chance to 'be at one' with nature! :-"

What kind of fuel do you think the hyperdrive is using?? :ermm:

sh*t? Just a thought.

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